cinnamon candy

Cinnamon is one of those herbs that tastes so cool, you eat it without even thinking its health benefits. Some recent studies have begun to change the image of this tasty spice. The latest science suggests that cinnamon may be useful to treat diabetes and kill dead bacteria. Traditionally, cinnamon is used by herbalists to

Aero Pilates Performer 295 – The total body workout

For years, I have been a cardio aficionado. On any given day, I can be seen on my bike, inline skates, or running shoes. However, that is about to change. After 30 years of chronic cardio abuse through running, I decided I needed to mix up my training. Mark Sisson, the founder of Primal Blue

healthy diet plan to lose weight

Maintain your permanent weight loss Losing weight is a daunting task at times, but when successful it is a source of great pride. Keeping the weight off is hard work too, but with a few key guidelines to help, it’s possible to keep the weight off and enjoy yourself at the same time. how you

Using the bike to lose weight

The bicycle is one of the best tools to use to burn calories and lose weight. A 145 lb female riding 1 hour at about 12 MPH will burn about 500 calories, increase speed to 16 MPH and calorie burn increase to about 835 calories per hour. You can increase your calorie burn by doing

Calories Burned Jogging – Don’t Be Fooled

Jogging is probably the easiest exercise to do that provides a substantial rate of calorie burn, so it’s naturally tempting to know how many calories you burn while jogging. When you know this number of calories, it’s easier to check how much exercise you need to lose weight at a manageable rate. But it’s not

Sure it’s fake, but the hunger is real

Sometimes, in anger, fear, haste, or perhaps while intoxicated or consumed by infatuation, we speak, write, or communicate to others through body language a distorted version of what our true thoughts, opinions, or intentions are. Distortion happens to all of us and we suffer, usually out of shame, as a result. It is one of

Ways to lose muscle mass on purpose

Is it politically incorrect to say “losing muscle on purpose”? You always hear people say lose weight. I’m just as guilty as the next person. For the most part, it’s something that people don’t like to face. For some, it makes perfect sense that they try to lose muscle because they want to. Aren’t you

The Yeast Free Diet – Break Free From Sugar Overload

You need to understand the basics of how yeast behaves in the body before embarking on a yeast-free diet. Yeast is a normal component in the body’s functions for processes. Yeast lives in the digestive tract and in the vagina and helps regulate the balance of the vagina. Yeast organisms feed on sugars in the