10 High-Protein Foods For Vegetarians To Include In Their Diets

If you’re a vegetarian looking for suggestions on how to include protein in your diet, you’re often met with disbelieving stars and standard responses like “Why don’t you start eating eggs?” A lot of vegetarian foods come with high amounts of protein to help you lead a healthy lifestyle without reaching the egg counter for

More Dining Options at the University of West Florida

As a current student at the University of West Florida, I frequently dig into the dining options that are available on campus. In my first year, I had the displeasure of having an eating plan. Where I was forced to eat 12 meals a week at the Nautilus Market, an all you can eat option.

A guide to cardio training

Every person who wants to achieve weight loss wants a cardiovascular program that will help them achieve this goal. After undertaking this program for a while, it is common for each person to wonder if the training is really effective in reaching their goals. If you think your cardio program isn’t as effective as you’d

How do I gain weight?

While not as common a goal as losing weight, there are a significant number of people who have weight gain as their goal. The reasons are as varied as people, but can include wanting to gain weight to play a sport, wanting to put on a few pounds after rehabbing an injury, or simply being

Top 3 Causes of Tonsil Stones – Plus, Get Rid of Them Forever!

Tonsil stones destroy lives. As dramatic as it may sound, those little white dots at the back of your throat will probably make you shy away from social situations, embarrassed by your bad breath. Just a simple tonsil stone causes anxiety and shyness. Although it rarely hurts, you may constantly feel self-conscious about your breath,

Lose Weight Naturally: 9 More Weight Loss Tips

Everyone has a desire to get rid of their weight as quickly as possible. I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave over every obese person and their excess fat would be gone forever. This is simply not the case. Here are some easy-to-follow weight loss tips that will help you reach

How to lose the killer fat around your belly

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, the first piece of advice you get from your doctor is: lose weight. The fact is… most diabetics have too much belly fat. You have two types of fat around your waist… subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. subcutaneous fat It is the fat that is under the skin. It

Android Market: similar to Apple’s App Store?

Smartphone users who think they won’t have many apps available on their Droid phone will be happy to know that Google’s Android Market offers just over 16,000 different apps for users to enjoy. Android Market is, in many ways, like Apple’s iPhone app store. It is an international marketplace where people can log in and