Babies and Babies – How They Influence and Impact Black Men

In the movie i think i love my wife , comedian/actor Chris Rock stars as a sexually deprived husband and loving father who falls for an old college friend he bumps into (played by Kerry Washington). They start dating her and her rekindled friendship with her sparks some romantic desires that create a rift in

Role of an Attorney in Car Accident Compensation Cases

Being involved in a traffic accident is not only painful, physically but also mentally. A traffic accident brings with it a series of tricky questions, which always make the afterlife of the victim more painful, more emotionally than physically. The victim is usually faced with the following set of questions after the traffic accident: What

A guide to the friend zone when dating

Attention Daters: The Friend Zone Isn’t Always A Bad Thing! We have all fallen in love with a friend at some point or another; maybe you even ended up in a relationship with one of these guys. However, whether you like it or not, male friends won’t always like you in the same way that

Learn to talk dirty to improve confidence

Sometimes men don’t feel safe making love. Listening to women talk during sex is something that can boost your confidence. Speaking of confidence, many women can talk dirty in bed because they trust that they can do it. If you are among those women who have a hard time talking dirty while in bed, you

The steam locomotive God Almighty in the sky

In 1948, the Macoy Publishing and Masonic Company of New York published a book entitled Freemasonry its hidden meaning. A goal of Freemasonry at that time was the rediscovery of a lost science in which knowledge of the Principle of Construction would free humanity from living under the yoke of the Principle of Destruction. Recent

SELF-HARM – You’re not the only one

How do you know if you or someone you know is self-harming? This sounds like a strange question, but many people aren’t sure if what they’re doing is ‘really’ self-harm. Answer these questions: 1. Do you deliberately inflict physical harm to the point of causing tissue damage (breakdown of the skin, bruising, marks lasting more

The social burden of child abuse

Parents are God’s chosen vehicles to bring life into this world. However, all parents have the potential to become child molesters. In a world that has lost its soul and suffers from ‘humanism poverty’, it is not surprising that the incidence of child abuse is increasing, despite only a fraction of cases being reported. Child