The guy with the pink sheets

I finished the collage in the early 80s, which I guess makes me a dinosaur, but at least a dinosaur with memories. One of the memories I took with me from collage, which I didn’t fully understand until the last five years, was the mantra of one of my economics professors who repeatedly told me

World Class Free Film School – Lesson 1 – Sign Zee’s Papers!

Welcome to the World Class Free Film School! In the following series of articles, we’ll impart our hard-earned knowledge as successful independent digital filmmakers. And (drum roll puh-leaze!) we’ll do it for FREE! Now why would we do such a thing for free? Well, because we’re dating. Because we love you and we want you

Find cheaper web hosting

The user motto is to choose a web hosting company, which is within the limits of your budget, but selecting one of several available is overwhelming and challenging. Just typing the word “web hosting” into any search engine like Google will get you millions of documents and millions of hosting providers. Now the biggest problem

Uptalk – What it is and why you’ll never want to do it!

Carol doesn’t understand why no one seems to take her ideas seriously at business meetings. Sophie complains that every time she makes a suggestion in an executive meeting, the idea is discussed until finally a ‘guy’ says the same thing as her and is congratulated on his contribution. Both women experience similar difficulties. They are

How to use your time in the permanent job search

It is always considered the best option to look for a new job when you already have one, but what should you do if you are unemployed at the moment when you are looking for something new? What are your options? Your first priority, of course, should be making sure you can pay the bills.

The law of attraction and other unexpected surprises

I have always been a believer in the Law of Attraction, that is, I was aware of my ability to manifest what I paid attention to and acted on. I also believe that when I feel good (with a clear conscience) about my decisions, things will not only work out, but work out for everyone.

Hurtful habits of parents!

Parents, it’s normal to develop habits because our minds try to save vital energy by sometimes going on autopilot, also known as habits. However, the secret of life is to create habits that help us instead of hurting us. For example, many of us parents have developed the bad habit of not getting enough sleep.