Wuji (Wu Chi) – Infinity Posture

A foundation of traditional Chinese thought is the belief in a single cosmic universe filled with energy called qi. In the beginning, the universe was an endless void known as wuji. From this emptiness came activity expressed as yin and yang. In tai chi, wuji is the infinity posture, corresponding to the neutral universe. A

3 easy steps to lose weight

Losing weight and getting healthier is always a hot topic, especially this time of year. It is amazing to see how many advertisements and products exist just for this purpose. Actually, losing weight and getting in shape couldn’t be easier. Here are 3 simple steps you can take to get started on a path to

How to lose love handles forever

If you really want to lose your “love tires”, you have come to the right place. She will learn some basic techniques that she can use in the privacy of her own home to get rid of those unattractive love handles and be more confident in her appearance. Love handles are those unsightly fat deposits

What causes a muscle to tense?

Have you ever woken up from a deep sleep and feel pain when you want to get up? This often happens when there is a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles. It is known as muscle spasm. It would be more difficult for him to move than usual. Tight muscles would not only limit your

Tips to lose body fat fast

There are hundreds of diet and exercise programs designed to help you lose body fat fast. Choosing the right one for you can be confusing. This article will give you tips on how you can lose those inches with little or no outside help. Create your own plan If you want to lose body fat

Lose all your stubborn belly fat

Lose ALL Your Stubborn Belly Fat (3 Steps) – See Fat Loss Results in Just 1 Week So you want to know how to lose all that stubborn belly fat, aka pot belly, beer belly, spare tire, bread bin, and depending on how much belly fat you have, you might have a full tank. .

Control and end chronic pain and fight hunger pangs at the same time

How do you reduce your consumption and reduce portion sizes? Especially when you’re always hungry? It seems impossible. It’s possible. Learning what foods your body needs will ease your hunger issues as well as your overall girth. Staying flexible will be an added benefit, as well as curing any digestive issues you may have. Learning

Why I Don’t Wear Glasses Anymore – Carrot Juice Story

A story about lost glasses and much better eyesight – a true story from a writer on healthy eating. How his positive contribution to the lives of others can affect his own life. It seems that the only times we pay attention to our mental and physical health are when our bodies can’t cope with

Strawberries, spring delight

Call them what you want, strawberries by any other name are still strawberries. They are grown all over the world, but no country or state probably grows them more than California. The US is by far the world’s largest producer of strawberries, producing more than twice as much as any other country. While strawberry season