Digital Marketing Tips You Should Know

You will agree with when it is said that digital marketing, and all of its sub-classifications, including SEO, online networking, content creation, email, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, is basic to personal development. and of any organization. . With more than four billion Internet users and more than 3.4 billion active social

Handmade Vs Handmade

No matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find a definitive answer to the never-ending “Handmade vs. Handmade” debate. If you are into any aspect of art or crafts, I can almost guarantee that you have had this discussion before in one form or another. So what do the experts say? The American Heritage Dictionary

What is affiliate marketing and why should you use it?

If you are interested in working flexibly from your laptop, affiliate marketing might be an option. With many products online for affiliates to promote and many ways to promote them, it is a very flexible business model that can give you time and financial freedom. Although initially many affiliates struggle to make sales. It is

Understanding MIDI: ports, channels, and the general MIDI standard

In a previous article I wrote the basic definition about MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and how modern musicians can use it in their independent productions. This time I will write about the technical aspect of MIDI, including the MIDI ports that are available, the MIDI channels and how to use them, and the General

Poetry and its multiple intuitions

Poetry is often considered the most personal and mysterious literary form. Poetry, in fact, helps us embrace the mystery of life. We can speak of the “inside” of poetry (ideas, images and feelings) and of the “outside” of poetry (appearance and form). Attention to form, that is, to the very structure of the text, is

Worth every penny book review

As the owner of a home photography studio, I find that ongoing education is vital to the continued growth of my business. There are a variety of forms of education for photographers and other business owners: lectures, classes, local meetings, or books, among others. Books are often one of the cheapest forms of education and

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is a very competitive business. If you want to be successful, it is important to always try to stay ahead of the field. We constantly strive to get there “first-with-the-best”, as the rather ungrammatical saying goes. Commercial website owners are doing their best to stay ahead of the crowd. With all the marketers

How to sell a script: social media and marketing

Knowing how to sell a script is as much what you know as who you know. As such, how to sell a script has a lot to do with marketing and social media. The beauty of social media communications is that people in the film industry, such as producers and directors, now maintain an active

SEO tools everyone should use

In the game of search engine optimization, there are winners and losers. The difference between them is their classification. Planning your strategy is a factor; monitoring your search engine success is another. In 2018, the game has changed once again. Some entrepreneurs choose to consult a digital marketing company for their SEO strategies. However, if

When giving an audio interview, how much is written?

When I give my audio interviews, how much is actually written? Well, when I’m giving an audio interview myself, that means someone else is asking the questions and I’m giving the audio interview. Most likely, their questions are written down because they have all of them in front of them, ready to ask me. But