How to delete online social media accounts that are no longer in use

Protecting your identity online is essential to your brand, reputation and creditworthiness, much more important than updating your Instagram and Facebook every day. Several times a year, the news will cover a serious data breach of information held by major banks, insurance companies, and / or social media platforms. Once the data is taken, it

Get started with Analytics and find success

What is Web Analytics? Web analytics provides information about the user experience and the customer’s journey through the website. Provide real data on customer movement through your view. You are collecting this data from your website and turning it into knowledge. Web analytics tools can be used to obtain more information about your website visitors.

How Using XML Content Management Can Help Your Business

If you are looking to improve the process of creating and maintaining your technical writing, using XML content management is a smart way to achieve this goal. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a way to streamline the creation and management of your organization’s technical writing. By allowing users to quickly and easily

Gazebo Versus Cabana – What Should You Get?

The heat of the sun is something desirable and something that we could not take in for long periods. It is desirable in times when you have had enough of the freezing cold of winter; It would be great to have some heat for a change. Imagine lying on the beach or in the pool

How to write press release headlines for the web

Your headline takes about ten seconds to read. That’s how long it takes a person to decide whether or not they want to read more than you have to say, making your headline the most important words in your press release. Did you know that an article can be placed under a different title and

Five strategies for organic SEO

Of all the internet marketing strategies in use today, organic search engine optimization, or organic SEO, is one of the oldest and most battle-tested methods of achieving top rankings in search results. Organic SEO works to build rankings for websites based on having highly relevant content that is applicable to the keyword phrases that users

The abbreviated business plan

Business plans don’t have to be long, formidable, detailed documents. Often 2-3 pages will suffice. The main goal is to get your ideas, strategies, and resource requirements out of your head and put them on paper. This documentation is important for several reasons. First, plans tend to become more “real” once they are written. Second,

Augmented reality: useful information you should know

Basically, augmented reality can be thought of as a modern type of virtual reality. When there is a simulation of physical aspects of the real world with imaginary thoughts using touch, sight and sound creating computer generated 3D configurations, it is known as a virtual world. Imagine that you are in a store and you