Movie stars through the ages

During the Golden Age of Cinema, from the 1930s to the 1950s, outright glamor was the trend, and all women who went to the movies wanted to look like their favorite movie star. Marilyn Munroe with her platinum blonde hair or Rita Hayworth made being a redhead very popular. Achieving the shape of this era,

How to become a faster athlete for any sport

When considering the physical attributes that make up athletic performance, such as strength, speed, explosiveness, and endurance, speed surpasses them all. If you had to pick one over all the others, the smart choice is speed. In wrestling, for example, no matter how strong, fit or technical they are, the faster athlete has the advantage.

Love sows, but reaps in loss

WATCHING my wife work on a labor of love – curating an album for our Nathanael Marcus – in the middle of a special day for deceased babies (from my unique point of view) – and I learn something new, again. Loves sows … but reaps lost. She goes out of her way, loves and

Flowers and smile

As they say, “What the sun is to flowers, smiles to humanity”, this clearly resonates in a strong connection between flowers and smiles. A bunch of fresh flowers always gives a reason to smile. We often wonder why we smile when we receive flowers, or even the thought of receiving or sending flowers to someone

Health benefits of dark chocolate

Health benefits of dark chocolate They are abundantly more than your average food. You could even say that dark chocolate is a super food. Raw and unprocessed cocoa is the richest food in antioxidants on the planet. However, there is one thing to consider, more than 50% of that medicinal value is destroyed during processing.

8 tips to deal with panic and anxiety

Do you suffer from panic and / or anxiety attacks? Here are 8 proven tips to help you cope and overcome them. 1. Sleep – Try to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is very important so that your body is fully rested for the battle ahead. It is hard work to

Plastic surgery and entertainment industry

In an industry where you are judged primarily on your looks and your age, plastic surgery is almost mandatory for any age group. It is also becoming so important in the business world. Artists and executives are more likely to be hired if they appear young, slim, and attractive. One bite here, one fold there,