PS4 and Power Consumption: Will Sony Go Green?

Like design and remote control, power consumption is also one of the key points that are being thoroughly debated these days. With “Go Green” being the buzzword today, critics hope that Sony will decide to join the Go Green revolution and market a completely eco-friendly product in the form of the PS4, which will consume

Is Johnny Depp the biggest movie star of today?

It’s hard to pinpoint who could be the biggest box office giveaway in the world, but there’s no question that Johnny Depp would have to be at the top of the list. Over the years, Depp has been the star of countless major Hollywood releases. His ability to avoid being typecast has helped elevate his

Using a Wii Fit to keep fit

Is it possible to stay in good physical shape using a Wii Fit to do all the exercise? Wii Fit was introduced in 2006 by Nintendo and is supported by the Wii Board, an add-on to the console. It is a plug-in device that looks like an aerobic step, in which the player can perform

The Universe in Motion Parts I to III

The Universe in Motion ((In narrative poetic prose) (and semi hexameter)) Part I of III Forever and from the start In an endless movement, everything goes It flows unperturbed: the heavens above, The well below, the planets, the stars and the Cosmos; bodies, nature, space, abyss, The flash of the rays, the heat, the cold,

BROMO – Life, legend and natural greatness

Tengger’s cauldron stretches into the distance. With a diameter of 8 to 10 km. the entire area covers no less than 5,250 hectares. But at this time of day only the sloping edges are visible. A white haze seems to hang over it, covering most of the huge crater. In the center, five peaks protrude

Dating Advice For Men – Keep Guessing!

Dating Advice For Men – She Needs To Guess Has this happened to you? You really like this new girl you’re dating. Impressive! Unfortunately, the way he treats you dictates your emotions. This is a problem. You react like a puppet on a string. When he kisses you and scratches your back, you are happy