Does the weather have an impact on fantasy football?

It’s becoming that time of year when the weather can have an impact on real-life NFL games. As a fantasy football manager, it’s a concept you just can’t get past. Yes, I will go on record and say so. Checking weather reports is required as a factor in the process of setting up your fantasy

Big trades within the division have always been a part of baseball

As the trade deadline approaches, most broadcasters are naturally discussing full and possible transactions in Major League Baseball. During a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Minnesota Twins, the announcers had just received word that a big trade had been completed. The Orioles had traded Zack Britton to the New York Yankees, leading

Authentic & Replica Online Discount Designer Eyeglass Frames

The designer glasses on the market are attracting a large number of permanent and temporary customers. Those regular customers believe that those top designer glasses are absolutely worth their high prices. For some temporary clients, it can be a new experience to wear designer glasses. While such brand shows are mostly enjoyed by the wealthy

A new look at an old sponge cake recipe, the pros and cons

Making changes to cake recipes is tricky. You never know how the result will actually turn out. Will it be too dry? Will the oven time need to change? How much beating is enough? The sponge cake recipe my sister sent me all those years ago called for baking in a bundt or tube pan.

50 years ago: "1968 was a horrible year"

1968 was a horrible year Horses are big business in Kentucky, and even schoolchildren were aware of the controversy in Louisville 50 years ago. It started with the horse race on the first Saturday in May, as far as we knew. with Kentucky Governor Louie Nunn and presidential candidate Richard Nixon watching from the stands,

Pixar Cars Cricut Cartridge – 7 Tips You Can Use Today

For adults and kids alike, the Pixar Cars Cricut Cartridge is the perfect combination of animation, graphics, and papercraft. The cartridge is fully loaded with graphics and has everything a Cricut user needs to turn a scrapbook into a high-octane collection of photos and memories! With the help of the Pixar Cars Cricut cartridge, users

KBC – Who did it better?

Two of the best ever! While one has been Shehansha for more than forty years, the other has become the Badshah in less than twenty years. Amitabh and Shahrukh. These two are possibly the biggest superstars in Indian cinema. Both have been widely praised by critics over the years. While Big B is called the

The dish: Super Bowl Blah

I can not. Watch out. This is the second Super Bowl in the last decade where I just can’t get nervous. No matter what you try, Pittsburgh v. Seattle makes me cool. The other game that failed to stoke any fires was Oakland/Tampa, also known as the Gruden Bowl. Everyone involved in that contest seemed

How to buy lottery tickets

It’s no surprise that people still want to buy lottery tickets even in tough financial times. Usually for a small entry fee, people have a chance to win big prizes that can give them the chance to do things they’ve always dreamed of. Although the chances of winning a jackpot are usually very slim, there