2006 NFL Draft Preview Continued: Picks 6-10

The San Francisco 49ers are excited about Maryland’s Vernon Davis, whom they took with the sixth pick in this year’s draft. At 6-foot-4, 253 pounds, Davis has a great NFL body and is one of the top athletes in this year’s draft. Young and Bush have gotten most of the attention in terms of being

Congress is coming after your 401(K)

75% of Americans disapprove of the job our representatives are doing. It’s things like this that explain why: While only about 13% of US employees nationwide enjoy a retirement fund that ensures a stable income for life, all 535 members of Congress do… courtesy of Uncle Sam. Members of Congress participate in the Federal Employees

Lonavala Hotels – The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Lonavala, located in the West Indies state of Maharashtra, is a very popular weekend getaway. Lonavala has picturesque hills, great scenery and unspoilt natural beauty. There are many places of interest in Lonavala. These include Lonavala Lake, Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s nose, Lion’s Point, and Lohagad Fort. Being a hill station, the weather in Lonavala is

Serving our home through journalism

While in my home country ISIS continues to wage war on journalists or anyone who says anything outside of their own philosophies, here in the United States journalism continues to flourish, opening doors for new voices, as is the American tradition. It’s true that many minority groups in America don’t get the air and press

Snowkiting, the best winter sport

Ever wish you could snowboard wherever you wanted, even across snow-covered fields and frozen lakes buried in powder? What about the hills further up further down? With the power of a kiteboarding kite and 10 mph wind or more, you can do it. Snowkiting is the new sport par excellence for lovers of powder snow,

Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

Arguably the fiercest rivalry in NFL history comes together again tonight in the nation’s capital, when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Washington Redskins in a matchup of teams heading in two very different directions. Last weekend, the Cowboys exerted some major demons by physically dominating the previously undefeated New Orleans Saints in the Superdome

Stranger Events in College Football 2011

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look at the strangest events that have transpired related to the game we all love. In no particular order, these are some of the most memorable events in soccer over the past year. The disappearance of the state of Ohio and Jim Tressel The “O”

Babe Ruth Biography

You can’t talk about baseball history without mentioning “The Great Bambino” Babe Ruth at some point. So famous is this baseball slugger that even a candy bar is named after him. Not only that, but his iconic status has made him a benchmark for all baseball players. Here is a short biography of Babe Ruth.