Is LED Lighting Right For Your Business?

LED lighting is basically the “wild west of the lighting industry”. There are too many manufacturers to count and they all promise the best products at the lowest price. Yes, it is an extremely clich├ęd statement, however it is what we are working with. That said, every time I hear those words or come across

Make the most of your vehicle’s towing potential

When you have a truck with potential towing it seems like you are calling every time someone is moving, when someone’s kids need a trailer for camping and of course you wish you could use it to pull your own trailer, boat, caravan , etc. But are you really using your vehicle’s hitch to its

How do you choose the right RV?

The biggest benefit of buying an RV is that you can take your home with you wherever you go. You can enjoy the same comforts that you enjoy from home in this type of vehicle, making your road trip more enjoyable. They also make camping fun even for the whole family. But whatever your needs,

200 Series Armored Landcruiser

Shell Special Vehicles is a premium global manufacturer, distributor and exporter of armored SUVs based in the United Arab Emirates and selling the armored vehicle worldwide. The company also exports armored vehicles to war zone areas. The SUV is built with the highest quality materials available on the armored market. Experienced engineers and technicians work

2012 Chrysler 200 review and road test

For years, Chrysler has struggled in the midsize sedan segment with its little-loved Sebring. His replacement, the 200, aims to change that. Renowned to drop in the lineup below the 300, the 200 has plenty of modern features like bluetooth, heated seats, and LED headlight strips. Some of the DNA comes from the Sebring, but

Translate words with multiple meanings

You can crash a car, the Stock Market, a party you weren’t invited to, or play cymbals together to make a sound. You can describe a flowering plant as a noxious weed or a more desirable garden flower. Maybe that plant is yellow, but your hair is blonde. You can create, but what do you

American idols

Chrysler 300C (2005-present) General description The Chrysler 300C was introduced in early 2005. It offers prospective buyers all the visual merits of an average Rolls Royce, minus the price. For this reason, it has been a great success in Ireland. In terms of looks, the 300C is unique, especially when compared to its somewhat mundane

Is this my car or a space shuttle?

How Automotive Electronics Change Your Daily Life, On The Road And In The Auto Shop You’re driving to a friend’s house and the airbag light is flashing: So you remember it always does when you have your dog Max in the back. You grab the door handle to open the door and your car alarm

Why Facebook Marketplace is a Great Place to Buy Cars

Facebook Marketplace was launched about a year ago and is currently extremely popular with regular car buyers and sellers. The marketplace has become a popular alternative to the classifieds giant, Craigslist. However it was not always so. When the Marketplace went live, many car buyers and sellers had complaints regarding the listings. They were limited