21 useful driving tips for new drivers

The greatest risk a person can have is a serious accident within two years of passing the driving test. Here are some useful tips that can be followed to reduce the risks. 1. After passing the driving test, it will be quite strange to find the passenger seat in the front. It would be better

Building trust is easier and more exciting than most people think.

One of the biggest obstacles on your way to having abundant confidence to pursue what you really want in life is not having anything you’re moving toward that really means anything to you. So often we are controlled by that gut-wrenching fear when we enter a new environment or try a new experience. New social

Why the delay in the mass adoption of electric cars?

It’s been a few years since a number of electric saloons started receiving rave reviews, particularly of course the Tesla range. Not only were they generating good performance numbers, but things like their range and reload times seemed to indicate that they were practical. Thus, it was no longer necessary to think about making a

The Mercedes Benz mystique

Nothing says you’ve done it like driving a Mercedes Benz. But why? What is it about this type of car that exudes luxury and status? For older drivers, there’s no denying that Mercedes has a sense of history that adds to the brand’s mystique even today. Gottlieb Daimler started in 1886, when he built a

Types of automotive lifts

These are the different types, available at garage equipment supply dealers: on land This type of vehicle lift is mounted under the garage floor. It consists of one or more pistons, depending on the maximum weight capacity. One or two piston lifters are used for compact, medium and large cars. Lifters with three or more

How to Sell International Truck Parts Online

Sell International Truck Parts Online When you want to sell your used International truck parts online, there are some things you need to know first. The first step is determining what type of parts you need to sell. If you need an engine or exhaust manifold, you can sell those parts. Other parts you can

The Movie “Pretty Woman” and the Law of Attraction

Pretty Woman is the movie that made the great Julia Roberts famous. It is an excellent movie to talk about the Law of Attraction. What one focuses on, EXPANDS and everything that comes to us, we attract through our EMOTIONS, or often called, our VIBRATION. Julia plays the role of Vivian, a woman who prostitutes

The cheapest form of personal transport: the scooter

Actually, the cheapest personal transportation contraption is the pedal bike. You might even say that’s not correct, the skateboard is. Granted, no argument there, but when it comes to motorized vehicles, few will argue that scooters make the most economical sense for a personal vehicle. They can even make a two-seater because even cheaper, the

The 4 Different Types of Modeling Contracts You Need to Know!

Ok, let’s start with the basics. What is a model contract? It is an agreement that both parties, the model and the agency must agree to before marketing the model. There are many terms and conditions included in the agreement, such as: How the model’s income will be divided between the model and the agency.

Defense vehicles that offer an unrivaled off-road experience

Defense vehicles are known to adapt to harsh weather conditions and deal with dangerous operations. The reason different vehicles are used, and not the ordinary ones, is because they are born strong for any rough and tumble event. We are always curious about police vehicles as their performance is what sets them apart from other