Scenic Drives on the Big Island of Hawaii

Official scenic drives on the Big Island of Hawaii are plentiful. In fact, almost every tour of the beautiful island can be considered picturesque. Some of the more popular scenic drives require a four-wheel drive to access the entire drive. Rental companies specialize in vehicles just for this purpose, and most can be rented by

The pros and cons of staying at The Atlantis Resort

The Atlantis is the largest resort in the Caribbean. The entire decoration of Atlantis is modeled after the legendary lost city and gives you the feeling of being in a city long forgotten. But the Atlantis is anything but forgotten, it is the largest resort and also the busiest with nearly millions of people checking

Qualities of a Placekicker – How to Become a College Kicker

The qualities of a top-tier kicker can be divided into physical and mental preparation. Without these attributes, a kicker will have a hard time developing their kicking game and dealing with pressure. The qualities of a top-tier kicker can be divided into physical and mental preparation. Without these attributes, a kicker will have a hard

Luxury Hotels in the USA – They Mean It

United States of America made up of states, cities and towns adorned with luxury in every element. The lavish lifestyle, splendid attractions, and natural distinction make the US a place worth visiting. A large number of fabulous destinations in the country invite you to plan a long itinerary. And if you’re accustomed to a luxurious

Bread Pudding from Humble Beginnings to Best Restaurants

As a child, I despised certain foods that I was sure I didn’t like even though I hadn’t tried them! Foods on my “won’t eat” list include peas, coleslaw, broccoli, liver, tomatoes, lamb, mince pie, and bread pudding. Bread pudding didn’t sound good to me. As my taste buds matured, I found that I really

Barbados: Luxury and a great price on your next vacation rental

Imagine visiting Barbados and staying in a vacation rental with two, let’s say three, bedrooms, two large bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a spacious living room with a fabulous flat-screen TV. It’s not like you spend a lot of time watching TV when you also have a balcony where you can dine alfresco and enjoy

The Most Enchanting Beaches in Mexico!

Beaches of Mexico…Ole’! I am not going to list all the wonders of Mexico, but I will tell you just one thing; Mexico is a land where nature has dictated its laws of survival, where landscapes change almost every kilometer and, consequently, the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The cultural and natural heritage is incomparable to

beach vacation travel

Beach vacations can be really cheap or really expensive, depending on when you go, where you’re going, and the level of luxury you’re willing to pay for. First, let’s talk about the “when”. Vacations at popular beach vacation destinations during the tourist season will simply be more expensive than the same trip in the off-season.

Hotels in Las Vegas – The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is located on the main strip of Las Vegas Boulevard. It is located in a perfect spot, and is situated where the Sands hotel used to be. The Venetian offers its guests unique dining, shopping, a spa, entertainment, art and complete relaxation and fun. It’s also home to world-class