Pet Friendly Virginia Getaways

If you are like most pet owners, you probably pamper your pet, filling it with love and affection. So when you go on vacation, you’ll want to stay in a pet-friendly accommodation that offers special amenities for both of you. Y your pet. No matter what type of vacation you are planning, Virginia is an

Las Vegas Hotels with the Best Family-Friendly Pools

Every year my kids can’t wait for our annual family vacation to Las Vegas. This year will be our seventh year. Many people disagree that Las Vegas is a good place for families with children, but we love it. My husband and I are not gamblers or drinkers and we really enjoy spending our free

Latest international cost of living ranking

The ranking of general international cost of living indices is reported in April 2010 using New York as the base city. The indices are calculated using the prices of specific quantities of the same goods and services at each location, based on expatriate spending patterns across 13 broad categories (basket groups). The cost of living

Plan, Pack, and Get Out: A Family Vacation on Florida’s West Coast

Family vacations are a wonderful source of memories and traditions. While there are many exotic and beautiful destination options, our family’s favorite vacation spot is on the west coast of Florida. For over 25 years, we have strived to spend time on the sandbar strip of beach south of Clearwater Beach, Florida at Belleair Beach.

California Vacation FAQs

California is a unique place with many attractions. There is so much to see and do in California. This place offers everything from nature and wildlife tours to coastal tourism and adventure tourism. Every year millions of visitors from around the world come to California to enjoy its diversity. The state has many wonders of

Finding the best homes for sale in Henderson, NV

Henderson, Nevada offers a wide range of diverse and enjoyable communities due to the excellent supply of quality homes available in the surrounding area. Some of the best options that can be found in the state of Nevada are in this city. As the second largest city in the state, it owns some of the

Spanish cruises

Algericas is a port in southeastern Spain on the other side of the Bay of Gibraltar. From this city, you can take a night boat train to Madrid, a 2 1/2 hour ferry trip to Tangier in North Africa, or a multi-hour trip to the Costa del Sol area and visit the picturesque villages. from

10 things to do in Atlanta on a budget

If you visit Atlanta in the summer, the first thing you’ll feel is high humidity, but that’s no reason to stay indoors. There are hundreds of outdoor activities and places to explore, including the Atlanta Beltline. It is one of Atlanta’s newest outdoor amenities, with 22 miles of reclaimed abandoned railroad tracks connecting people and

Top Six Fun Things to Do in Lincoln City Oregon

1. Go fly a kite! Lincoln City is located at the 45th parallel. What this means is that you get constant winds most of the year. This makes Lincoln City the self-proclaimed “Kite Capital of the World”. There are two kite festivals each year in Lincoln City, one in June and one in October. The