Australia’s day

Australia Day is fast and furiously approaching…and when I take a moment and think about what that day means to me and other fellow Aussies, the first thoughts that come to mind are: My mother once told me… if you had stopped being born until the next day, you would have been born on Australia

The magic of storytelling

We all tell stories all the time. It is an important part of how we get along with other people. We tell jokes, talk about what we’ve been up to, and make up stories to entertain others. ‘Personal narrative’, in which children tell stories about their own experiences, is an important part of personal identity.

One player, one season, three teams: how much baseball is enough?

Youth baseball is a hobby shared by millions. In virtually every city in the United States on a summer night, there is probably a game of baseball going on. Perhaps 10,000 or more games can even be played simultaneously and the results, while important to the participants, are ultimately of little importance in world affairs.

Disciplining Children: 3 Tips for Raising Thick-Skinned Children

Humiliations, failure; it is every day from birth to death. Alan has criticized the thousand freckles of him. A baby cries and does not drink milk right away, failure. Eighty-year-old Elizabeth loses all of her savings in a stock market crash, a flop. Think that skin is necessary from an early age to protect children

How to make fruit and vegetable juice with a blender

A blender, through its high-speed rotating blades, is designed to blend food. Unlike a juice extractor, a blender does not separate the juice of a food from its pulp. If you’re juicing with a blender, you don’t want to blend only or mostly foods like bananas that don’t contain much juice. Instead, try blending fruit

Top 5 Barrel Moves for Crush Force

The component that is most lacking in most wrestling training programs is movements that help build isometric strength and endurance. Some may call this crushing force, or bear hugging force, but whatever you want to call it, there is such a thing and if you have ever wrestled someone with this then you know it

cookie monsters

The name cookie is derived from the Dutch word koekje. The British call them biscuits, originating from the Latin bis coctum (sounds a bit risky) and translates as “twice baked”. (Not to be confused with “half-baked.”) Food historians seem to agree that cookies, or small cakes, were first used to test the temperature of an

Dish Satellite for Music Lovers

Dish Network brings you a wide range of favorite channels, perfect things for the whole family, like popular movies and TV shows, and great stuff for kids and teens, and channels for sports lovers, people who want to stay connected with the latest news. In addition, DISH offers wonderful music channels, ones that will really

QuinceaƱera Party History and Facts

The QuinceaƱera is also known as Mis Quince in many areas. This celebration marks the fifteenth birthday of a young Hispanic woman. Much like a mix between a Bat Mitzvah and a Sweet Sixteen celebration, this can be a very big event. Families have been known to save money long before the fifteenth birthday to