Pros and Cons of Rent Back

This market has brought several challenges. Sellers who cannot and/or will not move until they know the money is in the bank and title has transferred. Many sellers request to retain possession and/or re-rent after escrow closes. Typically up to 30 days. I have seen some that need up to 90 days. Pro- For the

Making a list! Checking it twice!

You’re starting to panic. You just heard that the IRS has started allowing people to file their taxes. And you don’t have anything ready yet. Which makes today a great day to create your tax document folder. Today, many of their articles are available electronically, so there’s no need to wait for a paper copy

Recorder notes in relation to piano notes

When a musical instrument is played, we can hear sounds in the form of music. Musical instruments have unique sounds that are formed by playing notes, in various ways. So what is a note? What is a recorder and a piano? What are flute notes in relation to piano notes? Let’s explore. A note is

Renters Insurance

Protecting your assets and third party liability risks should be a top concern for all renters simply because accidents happen and we rarely have visibility into them until after the fact. An unattended pot or overflowing bathtub can do great damage to your unit and contents. Renters insurance covers your contents against loss from fire,

First steps for your food delivery business

Do you like to cook? If so, a relatively easy way to branch out and try something other than your full-time job might be to start your own food delivery business. Advantages: – no physical location needed, no rental fees – can do after work; let’s say set up a fixed service hours from 6

Replacement Pool Liner 101

Most pools are protected by liners. Liners extend the life of swimming pools by protecting walls and floors from damage and mold. These are made from durable components like vinyl or other synthetic materials. Installation is done during construction, using waterproof adhesive. Above ground pools use overlay or beaded liners. Overlapping siding covers inches past

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure: What Are Your Options?

Many times, homeowners in foreclosure come to me and ask, “What are my options right now?” Right now they are facing foreclosure with the auction in a month or two. Here is my answer. 1. You can call your lender and ask them to reinstate the loan. You may be allowed to reinstate or update

How to Interview a Personal Injury Lawyer

After sustaining serious injuries in an accident, it is important to find reputable and aggressive personal injury representation at a reputable law firm. This will give you the best chance of recovering the full and fair compensation you are owed to pay for hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. When it comes time