Wicked on Broadway Associate Director Interview – David Evans

I am very excited to share with you this interview I had with the associate director and pianist of the show “Wicked” on Broadway. David Evans is a composer and pianist with three master’s degrees in music. He has played in numerous shows on and off Broadway. INTERVIEW WITH DAVID EVANS Debbie: Do you still

Through the Egyptian Desert

Sitting in the smoke-filled room of a police station on the outskirts of the Egyptian oasis village of Siwa, somewhere in the middle of the Libyan desert, we realized that we were in a place far above our heads. We started earlier that afternoon heading south from Siwa Oasis on a seemingly endless dirt road

The Meaning of The Backpack in Dreams

Your backpack or travel bag in dreams represents your past, which you carry with you. This means that you carry with you your old ideas, your conclusions, your traumatic experiences, your impressions and everything that belongs to your past. You can believe that this content is positive. However, it has a negative meaning because your

Why I wish my homeless sister could live with me in Germany

I just finished exchanging messages with my fiancé’s sister. The owner of his storage unit, the place where he keeps the unsold remains of his life, is auctioning it all off. She couldn’t afford the payments. She is staying at a person’s house who finds it appropriate to steal Pokémon cards from her 8-year-old son.

Building Customer Loyalty

The following tips can be applied to virtually any profession or industry. If you think this is self-evident, I challenge you to make a personal assessment. Print this page and keep the list on your desk for a week. Place a check mark next to each item when you do an activity that meets one

Jealousy in Relationships – How Sensitive Men Get Jealous

It is not obvious that the man is a sensitive person in relationships. Although women are the most expressive with their feelings, men also express it but in a different way. They say that men who are reserved and non-expressive on the outside are sensitive and romantic on the inside. You can hardly see a

Conscious Mating: Is This The Right Relationship For Me?

Before you commit to a relationship, or at the “pre-commitment” stage, this is your opportunity to choose your future as consciously as possible. YOU ARE A PIONEER You are the pioneer of your life. And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to pioneer your relationships by striving to break free from past patterns

The wonderful, fabulous and versatile sweet potato

There’s nothing like a warm baked sweet potato with melted butter and maybe a little brown sugar or cinnamon! Hmm! Or what about yam casserole on Thanksgiving? Sprinkle with a pecan topping and melt some marshmallows and you’re ready to go! As good as they are, many people don’t realize there’s so much more to

healing life energy with crystals

For years, many people used crystals in jewelry for their beauty. Crystal Healing is considered by many to be a pseudo-scientific alternative medicine technique that uses stones and crystals for healing, but it is an ancient practice that dates back at least 6,000 years. The Romans used crystals as talismans to promote good health and