Honda Unicorn – Decent bike with great mileage

Honda Motor Company Limited, founded by Sir Soichiro Honda, is a well-loved and renowned Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures automobiles, including motorcycles. The Honda brand has a high level of brand recall, product reliability, and overall refinement of its vehicles. All of these attributes would fit well in a market like India. Over time, Honda

The Taos Hum Mysterious low frequency hum

Residents in Great Britain and parts of the southwestern United States have subsisted by complaining of an infuriating buzz that continues to persist at this time. Furthermore, researchers have been powerless to determine its origin. Not everyone can hear the low-pitched hum, apart from those who say it seems simulated in nature. In 1977, a

5 tips for choosing the right computer repair service

We all have problems with our computers from time to time. If your computer is down, you can do three things. You can go online and read forums to find a solution. You can talk to an online support engine. Or you can call a local computer repair shop for help. If you are a

Pet Vaccination: How Much Is Too Much?

In 2003, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) revised vaccination guidelines and recommended that veterinarians vaccinate adult dogs every three years instead of annually, and many veterinarians changed their protocols regarding the new guidelines. The change came after experts agreed with overwhelming evidence showing annual vaccinations for canine diseases were unnecessary and harmful. It is

the hyundai santro

11 years ago, Hyundai Motor India Limited launched its hatchback model, the ‘Santro’. And, since 1999, this car has grown to become one of the market leaders in the ‘B’ segment of Indian cars. Although India was happy with the Santro, Hyundai was not so happy to keep the car as it is for long.

Will a Persian cat be a good pet for you? Pros and cons

Why a Persian cat will or will not make you a good pet A Persian cat can make a wonderful companion, but before you get one, you need to consider their living environment, the time and energy available to care for them, and the type of interaction you want to have with your new pet.

The difference between buying and adopting a dog

If you are thinking of adding a new pet to your family, have you considered visiting your local shelter or pet adoption agency? There are many reasons why these places should be considered before making the “purchase” of a pet. Below are a few reasons among many. Before you head to your mall pet store,

Tata Safari – Safari DICOR

Tata Safari is among the most popular SUVs in India. Launched by India’s leading automotive company Tata Motors, Tata Safari is loved for its performance and user-friendly features. This vehicle is specially designed for Indian roads. The new Tata Safari is designed with a 2.2 VTT engine. This is a native engine. This vehicle is

Separation anxiety in pets is manageable

How to Manage Separation Anxiety With Your Pet Do you have to travel for work or to see family? There are so many things to consider before leaving home for a vacation, a convention, a night out, or… …and, if you’re leaving a four-legged companion behind, you have a few additional considerations. Imagine if you

5 Dog Pain Symptoms Every Pet Owner Should Be Aware Of

All pet owners find it terrible when their dog is sick or in pain. While there are many obvious signs that show this, keep in mind that dogs don’t speak our language and can’t always tell us when they’re not feeling well. Dogs communicate with humans primarily through actions, so it’s important to watch their