The life of a kitten

I would consider myself a lover of all animals, but I would definitely classify myself as a feline person. I am sure this is due to the fact that my childhood pet was a cat that lived 17 long and loving years. It seemed natural for me to look to felines once I was ready

How to raise Arowana fish from home

Arowana are very interesting fish. Many people who raise Arowana as pets, choose the Silver Arowana fish. After all, folklore says that owning an Arowana can bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits. It seems to me that they are good reasons to have one of these fish. The fish has a unique, elongated

Toxic plants for dogs: what you need to know

Perhaps this article should have been titled “Garden Etiquette for Your Dog.” This article is about what dogs do in the garden! No one knows exactly why “a dog eats plants” and everything else that smells and tastes good. Maybe it’s for fun, you can’t resist something that smells or tastes good or even boring,

10 reasons why you should adopt a pet

Are you thinking of having a puppy that wags its tail and runs happily towards you with each of your calls? Or are you thinking of having that cute little fur ball called a kitten playfully running around your house? Thinking of going to the nearby pet store to buy one? Stop your search for

Blue Dot Stingray Care Tips

The gold of the blue point parsnip Taeniura lymma is a member of the family Dasyatidae. This species is indigenous to the tropical water coral reef systems of the Indo-Pacific, from the Philippines to northern Australia. Significant populations extend from north central to northwestern Australia, along the entire Great Barrier Reef, and from south to

How to keep your naughty dog ​​away from your flower beds

Dogs are man’s best friend and great company. They are fun and adorable, but they can also be a headache. When they’re not busy chasing the postman or squirrels, they dig in the garden and destroy prized flower and plant beds. They don’t even feel guilty about it. Instead, they look at you with their

Where do these Beabull puppies come from?

While some people may think of a Beabull as some kind of hybrid creature created from a bee and a bull, they will be happy to know that this is simply not the case. Although the name sounds a bit strange, Beabull puppies are actually the result of mixing a Beagle with a Bulldog. However,

Everything you need to know about the Goldendoodle!

Today’s dogs are a very important part of a family environment. They keep us entertained, they put smiles on our faces, they are our children’s best friends, they are there for us to talk when we feel alone and have no one else! They love us unconditionally and bring an abundance of joy and love

How to take care of your pet dog

He will be there by your side, as your loving partner; It will offer you protection if the need ever arises. Dog owners, in turn, must know how to care for their dog and be responsible for it. The dog’s needs are simple and easy to follow. When the puppies come home they need a

How to tell if your reptile pet likes you

I would say that most herpetologists are not overly concerned with whether their reptiles like them or not. They usually have a large collection of snakes, lizards, turtles, and even frogs. They can appear well cared for on a physical level and neglected on a personal level. Reptiles are also known as “exotic pets”. The