July 16, 2024

The Ancient Wisdom Teachings, which have been around for several thousand years, are esoteric and mystical in nature, as they are not limited to the dogmas and doctrines created by religious theologians throughout history. Religions represent humanity’s search for God, while mysticism is the experience of a seeker of God. Religion is based on faith and belief, which is the first phase of the journey; however, mysticism is experiential spirituality, the second phase of the journey. Too often seekers get stuck in a holding pattern in the first phase and never get to the next level. This next level is where true spiritual growth takes place, where our quest for Divine Union occurs.

The word “esoteric” for the uninformed is always misunderstood. The new aspirant often understands the esoteric as hidden or secret teachings excluded from a select few. This is a naive perspective, as this is the most commonly accepted interpretation. The idea that the higher teachings must be strictly hidden is a common misconception, seen more in practice by the secret schools than in their real nature. In fact, this concept is an exoteric explanation of the most esoteric reality, which is considered the great mysteries of the ages.

The Major Mysteries are esoteric not only because the secret societies and mystical schools have concealed their advanced teachings, which has been the common practice even in ancient times, but because ultimately the true Wisdom of the Truth of God is beyond the human intellect. Genuine Truth can only be realized and experienced in the heart and soul; however, the mind will become enlightened in the process and understanding will increase. The fact is that the person who is not awake simply will not be able to understand these deeper teachings, therefore he rejects them. Often the unenlightened will become aggressive in their rejection and skepticism, for they often tend to ridicule students of such esoteric teachings. This is the most common reason why mystery schools and gnostic groups have hidden their teachings, due to persecution from outsiders. The most typical assailants of the esoteric schools were the staunch orthodox religious communities who accused them of heresy, particularly the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages who started the Inquisition and its horrific acts of persecution. Too often members of these mystical groups were alleged to be inspired by Satan or the forces of evil, despite their sincere claims to be servants of God or followers of Jesus Christ. Therefore, such schools would be forced to withdraw from the public, move underground, or disperse to the four winds. They spread their wisdom teachings in secret, and quite often disguised them in obscure allegory and symbolism. Some schools told mystical stories wrapped in deep symbolism that only the enlightened would understand, a tool that Jesus Christ used in his parables to his disciples. Another example of this is the Tarot card vehicle. Only Initiates trained in esoteric teachings could decipher the true meaning and hidden meaning hidden beneath the elaborate symbols and archetypes of these mystical and archaic cards. The exoteric and esoteric levels are found within the occult cards, thus an excellent example of what the mystics called the Greater and Lesser Mysteries. The Kabbalah is yet another example, and has also been used as the basis for the Tarot system.

We no longer live in the Dark Ages, although many people and schools continue to have the stubborn attitude of firmly hiding the mysteries in practice and belief. However, we believe, in this current age of New Enlightenment, that it is time for the Mysteries to be revealed. They have been artificially hidden too long now. However, we have no intention of “throwing pearls before swine”, but those who are not interested in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings will not bother with them. Yes, there are persecutors of all ages, and we must deal with them accordingly. In most civilized countries, this is not as extreme as in ages past, when the concealment of the Mysteries was common practice. Humanity in general was very closed minded to any teachings out of the ordinary, therefore barbaric means of torture and persecution were produced. There is no longer any need for the severe shielding of the Wisdom Teachings, because the mind of the human being has been opening continuously in the last centuries. Through research, experimentation and discoveries, the advancement of Science has revealed to people extensive knowledge that the ancient mystics already knew or presumed. Certain discoveries or insights that were once considered esoteric or occult science have been revealed in our educational systems and have now become commonplace, such as certain items found in the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, arithmetic, music etc However, not everything has been shown yet. The Ancient Wisdom Teachings in many of their higher aspects are still kept silent by the Initiates and Masters of various mystical schools. Those aspirants who seek it will find it. The true teachings of the Ancient Wisdom, by their very nature, will separate the wheat from the chaff, for only the diligent and enlightened seekers will be able to understand the inner truth, because they are better prepared and more receptive. Any seeker who seeks will find, and when he finds the truth, he will be set free.

Often it is the Lesser Mysteries that are publicly taught, the exoteric level of the Ancient Wisdom. The Major Mysteries are usually reserved for the Initiates and Adepts, because the inner Wisdom reveals itself internally. For example, the deeper realities of the Esoteric Initiations are reserved for those who have recently been initiated through the gates of Higher Wisdom, because they have begun to understand and experience these higher realities. Once this initiate progresses further through spiritual development, realizing the Divine Self within, he too can teach and initiate others. Using the symbology of the ancient Tabernacle, the Neophyte studies in the outer court, the Initiate practices in the second court or holy place, and the Priest and Master (or High Priest) reside in the Holy of Holies, where these adepts teach and teach. initiate students. This is the basic framework found in most Mystery Schools.

In certain occult schools in ages past, members had to take a death oath to prevent them from speaking the High Teachings of their inner circle to the unenlightened. There are reports that some broke their oath and wrote or taught others, for which they suffered the consequences. Clearly, this death oath is too drastic a measure and totally unnecessary. We are grateful that times have changed for the better. In this current age of the Enlightened Mind, we declare that you must teach the Teachings, to spread the Word to all who receive it. However, we believe as St. Paul does, that we should give the beginner milk, then soft food, and finally strong meat. This is the delivery of the Lesser Mysteries first, then the Greater Mysteries. Regarding this, Saint Paul said: “And I, brothers, could not speak to you as spiritual, but as carnal, as babes in Christ. I have fed you with milk, and not with meat; because until now you were unable to endure it, not even now are you”. 1 Corinthians 3:1-2

It may seem paradoxical to declare that we must teach the Higher Teachings, and then say that we must not throw pearls before swine. That is why we offer all the Minor Mysteries, which are doors to what follows, because the Major Mysteries will follow when the seeker becomes a true Initiate. It would be unwise to directly teach deeper principles to the unenlightened, but first we must give them milk. We first prepare the way with digestible teachings, and then we give you the deeper realities when they are ready. In this way we are not hiding the teachings, but simply presenting a step-by-step process.

In past ages, there were two reasons for hiding the Esoteric Teachings. The first was due to the unenlightened minds of the people in general, which were insensitive and skeptical or unprepared and could not understand deeper truths. The second involved the continuing persecutions of the wisdom schools. Through spiritual evolution, the mind of humanity has matured to a certain point, thousands of years ago, where it can now receive the higher teachings. The sincere aspirant can more easily receive the deepest wisdom, and in the same way barbaric and extreme means of persecution in civilized countries are practically non-existent now. We cannot speak for all the nations of this world, because we can only say that the general change covers many lands and many peoples.

Genuine Esoteric Teachings are not usually found in the conventional educational system; however, if you are intuitively perceptive, you can find snippets scattered here and there in certain college courses or other areas of life, if you know where to look. That is, certain clues that look like blinds or even vague clues will be revealed to the intuitive seeker. You can discover universal principles in physics and the science of the atom; o realize that the building blocks of creation are in geometry and mathematics; or reveal a deeper science of mind and soul in psychology; or explore cosmic realities in astronomy; or witness that the study of human anatomy reveals the living alchemical laboratory of the physical body. These are simple examples and are just the tip of the iceberg.

There will come a day when these deeper teachings will not be isolated just from mystery schools or secret fraternities, but will become commonplace and found in universities or other educational systems. Certain instructors or professors, even now, who are enlightened, can subtly teach the Truth Teachings through their courses, but in a veiled way, just as Jesus spoke the parables to the crowds, because there were many who could not hear the mysteries deeper. Such educators know that they cannot teach these realities openly, lest they be scorned by administrators and students alike. The Orthodox educational system continues to grow and will expand its parameters in due course.

Regardless, in fact we have evolved spiritually and mentally for several thousand years, this cannot be denied. But we still have a long way to go, because greed, mistrust, hatred and war still thrive in this world. However, the Ancient Wisdom Teachings have become more widespread throughout the world, being revealed with far fewer restrictions than in past ages, be it through mass media such as television and radio, the Internet, literature, etc. , CD and DVD, or simply given by gurus. and teachers of this time. Currently, there are many ways to reveal these teachings, and our minds are opening even more. Therefore, the awakening and enlightenment of more people becomes more frequent than ever.

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