Look to the 90’s for a great party theme

It was Prince who said “Tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1999!” He was correct. Although it seems like the ’90s were almost yesterday (in the grand universal timeline of things), ’90s themed parties are still a hot and funky topic to consider when throwing parties. On the one hand, all theme parties should

4 tips for buying wedding headdresses

There is a wide variety of wedding headpieces, with different shapes, sizes, materials and colors to choose from. Read on to find out in more detail the type of headdress you could wear on that special day. First of all, the size and shape of the headdress depends on how adventurous you are or want

Jerez, a true taste of history

Sherry, a magical Spanish wine that has meandered through history with such force that it has played a central role in the works of literary geniuses such as Shakespeare and Poe. No other beverage played such a central role in the colonization and exploration of the New World. When Magellan set out to circumnavigate the

Use great books to teach TEFL students grammar

You start to speak, “Today’s grammar lesson will be about…” Your EFL students groan loudly, interrupting you. “Oh no, grammar again?” they sing, almost in unison. You’re not exactly that excited, but what can you do? It’s on the show. Grammar teaching is almost always in demand and often difficult to tackle. In the article,

Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?

I have a question for you. Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch? Ever since Google’s keyword suggestion tool started a few years ago, funny and somewhat inappropriate suggestions can appear randomly during innocent searches. One of Google’s favorite keyword suggestions on the internet is “Why is there a dead Pakistani on my

Struisbaai Harbor Wall – Fishing for All

The Struisbaai harbor wall has always been a special place for fishermen of all ages who come to this charming seaside town from all over South Africa. During summer weekends and the holiday season, the wall is usually packed with anglers of all ages who enjoy a wide variety of fishing techniques. The harbor wall

Three Effective Complaint Tools to Use During the Holidays

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and special days always add an extra sense of remembrance after a loss. I experienced the loss of my love last month. To add to that, it’s my father’s birthday, and next month will be the anniversary of his death. The two heroes of my life. As a complaints coach, all of

Academy Awards not awarded

Well the Academy Awards were handed out on February 24th and what a night it was. Unfortunately, I did not win the award for the best screenplay category. (I have been informed that writing a script is required to be considered for the award.) Semantics. Therefore, it is time, once again, to announce the winners