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Many people dream of having a patio area where they can entertain guests and just enjoy time in their backyard. A well-constructed and decorated patio can be the perfect place for relaxation and entertainment.

First, decide how big the patio should be and allocate the area in your garden. Create a plan or design so that you incorporate everything you like and, most importantly, so that the builder knows what needs to be done. It is important that you decide if the patio will be mostly glass or brick. A balance of both would be ideal. You can opt for a patio that has the back wall built with bricks and the three sides are glass doors. Or you could build the back and side walls with bricks and just make the front section glass doors.

A patio is also great with a braai area. Seeing as you are building this unit yourself (well with the help of a builder) you can build the braai on the patio area. The braai stand can be built with bricks in any design you prefer. It can be a single or double braai. You could build a mini work station next to it. It all depends on your imagination. When you plan it, keep in mind that it must also be functional.

If you plan to entertain a lot, then a bar will also be a good idea. Here you also have options. You could build the bar on the patio or you could build a freestanding wooden bar. The advantage of the freestanding wooden bar is that you can move it. So if you decide you want to use the patio for a birthday dinner where you need multiple tables, you can get the bar out of the way. This will free up space for all the tables and chairs at your party.

At this stage, you can get all the bricks, cement, doors, windows, and other materials that will be required. Builders can start according to your plan. When it comes to installing glass windows and doors, make sure you get someone who knows how to install it. Glass doors need to be perfectly aligned to ensure a smooth slide. Also, working with glass is a complicated job.

Once the patio area is built to your specifications, you can paint and decorate it. And of course you should enjoy it.

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