Thanksgiving Day – Cowboy Football


The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys are fan favorites within the borders of Texas and far beyond. Over a span of over forty years, the team have entertained and performed for their fans at a consistent high level. In addition to their great success on the field, “America’s Team” has had just as much success off the field and is considered one of the most valuable sports teams in North America. One of the most anticipated games the Cowboys play each year is the Thanksgiving Classic.

The Thanksgiving Day game, also known as the Thanksgiving Classic, has been a part of NFL history for quite some time. Thanksgiving games are generally held at the home stadiums of the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, with a few exceptions. In 2006, the Kansas City Chiefs also hosted a Thanksgiving game.

The Detroit Lions are the perennial hosts of the event, having hosted a Thanksgiving game every year since 1934. The Lions’ opponent in the first game was the Chicago Bears, who won the game 19-16. To date, the Detroit Lions have played in 65 Thanksgiving games. The only time the Lions did not host a game on this day was in the years 1939 to 1944 due to World War II.

In 1960, the Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team and in 1966 hosted their first Thanksgiving Classic at the Cotton Bowl. Since 1966, the Cowboys have hosted a game every year (since 1971 at Texas Stadium) with the exception of 1975 and 1977 when the St Louis Cardinals hosted. The Cowboys were victorious in their first game in 1966 by defeating the Cleveland Browns 26-14.

Thanksgiving, NFL football, and Cowboys football go hand in hand. It has become a tradition in the United States to sit down for a turkey dinner with family and friends while keeping an eye on the football game. For some fans, Thanksgiving revolves around the NFL’s Thanksgiving Classic and its television. The lucky few who have tickets to the game can enjoy their Thanksgiving cheering on their team, front and center.

Needless to say, some classic Cowboys football has been played on Thanksgiving. In 1974, the Cowboys, trailing their rival Washington Redskins and playing rookie quarterback Clint Longley in place of an injured Roger Staubach, managed to steal the win with 28 seconds remaining when Longley threw a 50-yard touchdown pass. . The Cowboys won the game 24-23. In 1990, the Cowboys again faced the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day. Rookie Emmitt Smith carried the ball 23 times and rushed for 132 yards, including two second-half touchdowns, as the Cowboys scored the final 17 points of the game to defeat the Redskins 27-17. In 1998, the Cowboys faced the Minnesota Vikings. Randy Moss, the Vikings’ rookie wide receiver, caught just three passes that game, but they all went for touchdowns, as he finished the day with 163 receiving yards. Troy Aikman passed for 455 yards in the same game. Despite Aikman’s efforts, Minnesota defeated the Cowboys 46-36.

The Dallas Cowboys and Thanksgiving are closely related. You can’t have one without the other. Every year, fans of the game look forward to enjoying their football with a side of turkey for dinner. Classic Thanksgiving has been around for many years – it’s part of the history of the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, the classic Thanksgiving has become a tradition in countless homes across the United States and North America.

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