Vampire Diaries: Elena Gilbert


Elena Gilbert’s Profile


Elena is seventeen years old, athletic and slim. Her complexion is olive with brown eyes and long, straight, dark brown hair.


During the pilot episode, we see Elena as a melancholic, withdrawn and calm person. He later learns that this is due to the death of his parents, which occurred a few months earlier. Through her friends, it is revealed that before her parents died she was popular, active and cheerful. The change in behavior is due to their loss. Throughout the season, he begins to regain some of his previous ‘spirits’ and part of this is because he met Stefan.

Elena is also seen as the protector of her family. She is cunning and has a high moral standard. When it comes to his friends, he has deep affection and often cares for those who do not expect or receive his concern. However, Elena can also be feisty and stubborn at times. He prefers to deal with people directly and confront them head-on rather than keeping his anger inside. She seems to trust Stefan, Damon, and others regardless of their past or recent transgressions.


  • Foster mother – Miranda Sommers-Gilbert
  • Adoptive Father – Grayson Gilbert
  • Brother – Jeremy Gilbert
  • Aunt – Jenna Sommers
  • Grandmother – Beth Sommers
  • Ancestor – Johnathan Gilbert
  • Biological mother – Isobel Saltzman
  • Biological Father – John Gilbert

Character story: Season 1:

Elena’s adoptive parents appear to come from old Mystic Falls families. His mother is very involved in the Founders Council. On May 23, 2009, her parents were killed in a car accident, just a few months before the TV show’s start date. Elena and Jeremy’s legal guardian in their aunt, Jenna Sommers, who was their mother’s younger sister. In the episode ‘Bloodlines’, Stefan tells Elena that she was adopted. This opens the door to the fact that Elena is related to Katherine in some way. This is further clarified when Isobel Saltzman appears in Mystic Falls.

Character relationships:

Stefan Salvatore:

In the pilot episode, Elena meets Stefan. In an instant, they clicked for the first time and their relationship has developed from a crush to a passionate romance throughout the season. Elena doesn’t know that Stefan originally put her on the night her parents died and she woke up in the hospital like a miracle had occurred. However, they still have relationship issues because Elena is upset with Stefan’s reserved nature. Stefan was initially attracted to Elena due to her similar appearance to Katherine and after realizing that she was not Katherine, he fell in love with her. In the episode ‘The Turning Point’ they made love and then in ‘Bloodlines’ he assured her that he loves her and not Katherine before telling her that she was adopted.

Damon Salvatore:

Elena has a mutual but uneasy friendship with Damon because their lives have been saved and Damon wants to be close. After Elena finds out what Damon is and his past actions, she becomes cold but civil to him, except in dire circumstances. Elena realizes that there is something between them, but neither is sure what it is. Elena realizes that Damon is emotionally damaged and is not as cold as he acts, but she also does not try to excuse his past actions. Elena realizes that while Stefan’s sorrows are primarily caused by Damon, she also sees that they are very important to each other.

In the episode, ‘A Few Good Men’, the friendship between Elena and Damon hits a losing streak. Damon tells Alaric and everyone during the bachelor fundraiser at the Mystic Grill that he was in North Caroline with Isobel just before she disappeared. This makes Elena believe that Damon was the vampire who killed Isobel. However, in ‘Let the Right One In’ they can put their differences aside to save Stefan’s life after Frederick and the other vampires abduct him from the grave. In ‘Miss Mystic Falls’, Damon keeps Elena’s day from being ruined by dancing with her after Stefan disappears.

Caroline Forbes:

Since first grade, Caroline and Elena have been good friends. For the most part, they have a good relationship, but it can get strained at times. This is because Caroline sees Elena as the main competition for attention. Caroline also admits that Bonnie is her best friend, which means Elena may be second. Elena loves Caroline, but it is also clear that they do not agree on everything.

Matt Donovan:

At one point, Elena and Matt were in a relationship. However, the stress of her parents’ death caused them to separate as she needed to fix things. Matt tells Bonnie that he would like to continue having a relationship with Elena, but thinks it is too late. Elena describes her relationship with Matt as “that childhood friend you start dating because you owe it to yourself to see if you can be more.” Elena tells Stefan that she and Matt were not in a passionate relationship.

While Matt may no longer have a relationship with Elena and may even realize that they will never get back together, he still tells Stefan that he would do anything for her. It seems that the two have known each other for a lifetime and were the ‘first’ in many things together. Matt also says that they were best friends at one point.

Bonnie Bennett:

Bonnie is Elena’s oldest friend and they often tell each other everything. Elena is the first person to find out that Bonnie is a witch. Bonnie says that she told Elena this information because they are so close to each other.

Jeremy Gilbert:

Jeremy is Elena’s younger brother who uses drugs to cope with the loss of his parents. Elena scolds him and he doesn’t like this, but he knows that she only does it to take care of him.

Random facts:

  • On the Pilot, the house number is 935, but then it’s 2104.
  • There’s a picture on her bedroom wall of her in a baseball uniform.
  • Your car is a Ford Escape with Virginia license plate EFG 3J85.
  • He has kept a journal since his mother gave him one for the first time at the age of ten.
  • At one point, she was a cheerleader, but quit at the start of the new school year.
  • His school locker contains a picture of a dragonfly.
  • She tries to continue any projects that were important to her mother, such as lending family heirlooms to the Founders Council heritage project that her mother was working on before she died.
  • Elena was adopted by the Gilberts and is not their biological daughter.

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