June 15, 2024

An electric car, as its name implies, is a type of vehicle that is powered by batteries instead of liquid fuel such as diesel or gasoline. The concept is very old, but lately it has gained momentum due to factors such as the need for green cars, cheaper means of transportation and sheer innovation.

By mere observation, an electric car looks just like any other car, but a close examination of its driving force and motor system will reveal a different set of components.

The electric car is mainly composed of an electric motor, a controller and a set of batteries.

The electric motor moves the car just like the starter motor makes it turn. It is the main means through which the car can move. The controller is a set of devices that monitor and supply power to the motor.

The controller basically handles acceleration; transmitting less voltage as the driver takes his foot off the power, resulting in a lower speed for the vehicle. The controller also ensures that as soon as the driver hits the brakes, acceleration is automatically reduced.

The controller acts like a switch, turning the battery supply on and off. But it is more than that. A driver can have different levels of acceleration and not just full or no acceleration. In these cases, the controller will intelligently monitor the pedal pressure and supply the necessary current accordingly.

The battery pack provides the power for the moo to turn and make the car move.

An electric car uses minimal mechanical systems and is therefore quiet and smooth in motion.

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