360-Degree Videos: A Game Changer in Modern Marketing

Digital Marketing

360 degree videos have a lot of interactive elements for your active social media marketing. These videos have unique qualities to attract, engage and retain viewers to convert them into the desired target audience. The branding and corporate image of the organization is carried out through these strategic immersive video creation efforts. These videos give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd to gain a competitive advantage in markets around the world. Therefore, these videos offer you a way to combine information and entertainment to boost your business. 360-degree videos and virtual reality are impacting consumer behavior, user experience and clothing purchases in a unique way like never before.

Online video marketing is flourishing these days with the latest trend of 360 degree videos and virtual reality. 360-degree videos have the power to capture curiosity, boost communication, and increase followers and viewers at massive speed. Click-through rates and audience engagement are generated much better through 360-degree videos. The fascination, craze and popularity that 360-degree videos have created in global markets have transformed the concepts of audiovisual representation. Online marketers have a specific goal in mind to create videos that are more interactive and immersive in nature. It is because, the more interesting the video is, the more likes, comments, shares and re-posts would increase. Eventually, your content will be a continuous trend in the feeds.

With the constant progress in the online video industry, new technologies have opened the doors of opportunity for marketers to go global. 360-degree videos are the newest types of videos that have the ability to make viewers feel as if they are present in the situation. To create these videos; Special cameras are used to cover the spherical view from every possible angle to give viewers a full view. In traditional videos, we have no control over what we are seeing, while in 360 degree videos you can easily regulate the angle as per your choice from where you can see the movement. In such videos, you can quickly perform pan and tilt movements in the videos without wearing a VR headset. With the help of a simple mouse or number pad, viewers can drag the image or video to view it from the angle they prefer. Therefore, an easy way to watch the videos from a laptop/tablet gets more popularity among the public.

Most of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest have invested in this technology to upload these types of videos online. Viewers as well as publishers have the opportunity to distribute and watch 360-degree videos. Many social networking websites today are willing to promote online marketing strategies these days. 360-degree videos are unique opportunities to create communicative and immersive stories to engage viewers through motion, sound, and sight in the most creative ways. For any company, it is a golden opportunity to promote their brand by providing a personalized experience for the viewer by placing them in the fictional environment. These immersive videos provide viewers with a fully personalized, rich media experience to fully focus on the story. Such an experience leaves a greater impact on the mind of the viewers, that is, potential buyers to hypnotize them with the usefulness of the marketed product or service.

Advertising is all about drawing customers’ attention to the product or service being marketed by adding a unique and creative element to the story. 360-degree videos play a vital role in fulfilling this requirement through an innovative and fresh way of boosting audiovisual content for viewers. Since, these videos are very interactive, attractive; they encourage viewers to go for it. They contain a call-to-action message directed at viewers. These types of videos are widely used in industries such as real estate, tourism, hospitality, etc. They have the power to include a viewer on stage from a deep emotional level by virtually putting them in the situation. Viewers have the opportunity to view a particular product or service from all aspects consuming an overview to verify usefulness. The versatility and high level of user engagement that these videos have is unparalleled. This type of content quickly goes viral on the internet and acquires millions of views in a few minutes.

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