8 Restaurant-Style Indian Food Recipes

We all want to know the secret behind those delicious dishes served in Indian restaurants. But most of us feel quite reluctant to try such recipes at home. We have for you 8 restaurant-style Indian food recipes that are super easy to make at home. With these recipes, you’ll be able to recreate all those

Best vacation rentals in Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland is the largest ocean resort in the United States. The region is generally warm with white sand beaches. It makes the city a popular family vacation destination. Many groups want to spend time in Ocean City for beach fun and other water activities. It is a good place also for children to

Tips for self-observation

Self-observation, that is, observing oneself, is a useful tool for self-help and self-improvement. Why? Well, obviously, the reason is that we don’t actually act as we sometimes imagine ourselves to act. Yes, including research and science as well as experience, there is a lot of evidence that says there is a difference between how we

How to enjoy a unique vacation full of history

Are you looking for a different idea for your holidays this year? Are you trying to figure out what would be a good place to go and feel like you’re running out of fun and different ideas? So why not consider taking your vacation to a place of historical value? Even if you have kids,

Marbella – The Spanish answer to St Tropez

Located in the region of Malaga, Spain, on the sunny Mediterranean coast, is the beautiful city of Marbella. Largely spared from the British invasion that has transformed other parts of the Costa del Sol into a warmer version of the UK, Marbella tends to attract an upscale clientele and is famous for attracting well-heeled tourists

Emerald Coast Highlights – Fort Walton Beach

Unfolding along the Florida peninsula is a beautiful region called the Emerald Coast. Its name comes from the bright green waters of the Gulf of Mexico that abut its sandy shores. The Emerald Coast begins in Pensacola to the west and stretches 100 miles east to Panama City. Halfway between them is the true heart