6 amazing tips to get in shape while doing housework

Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories doing housework? According to fitness experts, housework can burn up to an average of 250 calories in an hour for a 150-pound person. This post has highlighted some of the ways you can use housework to work up a sweat and get in shape

What can we say more? The name is enough: iPhone 4S

One of the most technologically advanced and widely accepted phones in the world today is undoubtedly the iPhone. With its availability in global markets and its popularity increasing day by day, the iPhone series of phones has truly enhanced the mobile experience taking it to virgin heights. The new iPhone 4S is a splendid model

Wedding Venues – Winery Weddings

Miles of rolling hills strung with lush green vines that are ripe with plump, sweet grapes. It’s no wonder so many brides and grooms head to wine country to get married. A vineyard is a wonderful setting to say ‘I do’. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor ceremony amidst the vineyards, or an intimate indoor

Collect more spares in bowling by aiming at the destination pins

It doesn’t matter if you’re a really good bowler, you won’t knock down all ten pins every time. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to pick up spare parts. Yet despite this, a surprisingly high percentage of bowlers are completely ignorant of this side of the game! The main reason for this is

12 months free line rental – Mantra for stress-free mobility!

Thanks to mobile phone manufacturers for making investments in terms of money and time and for creating the plethora of state-of-the-art devices in the name of mobile phones. Today, a mobile showroom is no less than an art gallery. An entrance to any mobile point of sale guarantees an experience to see the result of

App Fog Genius Lessons from a successful entrepreneur

App Fog Business Startup Lessons from a Profitable Entrepreneur Lucas Carlson is a successful entrepreneur. However, when he started out, he made some bad decisions that almost cost him dearly. Don’t skip business establishment planning At first I was just programming an idea for App Fog. He didn’t have a landing page, no bank account,

Sony Ericsson Lively Blue

The latest blue edition of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz is a network exclusive phone for O2, the network has now launched this new color scheme for one of the most popular Sony Ericsson phones this year along with the latest Xperia X10 Android model. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Blue edition joins the black, silver and

TV Specs Demystified – Frame Rates

AKA scan rates or update rates 1080 – 24P – 60P – 120Hz – 240Hz – 480Hz So you’re shopping for a new 1080P flat panel TV to upgrade your home theater, and one of the many confusing terms you see on all of these TVs is 24P, 60P, 120Hz, and 240Hz. And that is

How to restart a Palm Pilot that won’t turn on

Sometimes a Palm Pilot won’t turn on. It may look like it’s dead, but in most cases it isn’t. There are some simple tricks to revive the Palm Pilot so you can keep using it. The first is to do the needle trick. Palm Pilots were designed with a reset button on the device. They

The truth about the high-tech HTC Legend Android phone

The HTC Legend Android Phone was a highly anticipated cell phone released in early 2010. The excitement for its launch was not in vain and it did not cause disappointment. This Android 2.1 gem has been the darling of Android phones since its launch and has even made its way into the HTC – Columbia