The origin and history of explanatory videos

A concept-based marketing tool that is an explainer video is well known to everyone. Any brand without at least one explainer video is like having a delicious biryani without the raita, it just doesn’t make the brand. According to reports, only 12 percent of online businesses do not have an explainer video. It is obvious

Home Staging: How To Make Your Tract House Stand Out From The Crowd

Home sellers who want to market their property in developing neighborhoods face difficult challenges. All houses look alike. All houses are sold for quantities in the same price range. The market, whether it is a hot seller’s market or a cold buyer’s market, largely determines the price, the terms of purchase and the time of

Google Tag Manager – Overview

A few years ago, webmasters maintained the entire website and it was indeed a back-breaking job for them. Later, the JavaScript method was used by Google Analytics, but it required some technical integration by webmasters to add the required codes to the website. Google tag manager follows the list, which is a free solution to

Choosing the Right Website Content Management System

Very few commercial websites do not have a content management system (CMS) these days. The tools to create an easy way to add and update content for your site are so easy to use and implement that even small businesses can easily put together a website using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla with or without the

The difference between digital marketing and social media marketing

It uses a variety of digital channels like SEO (search engine optimization), social media, and PPC (pay per click) to drive audiences towards a potential brand. Digital marketing uses the Internet as the main means of promotion that can be accessed through electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Internet marketing techniques such

Super Affiliate Marketer – How To Become One!

How to become a super affiliate marketer First of all, I must define the phrase Super Affiliate. Super affiliates are simply affiliate marketers doing that extra work. Super affiliates don’t just put a link or banner ad on your site and then wait for something to happen; great affiliates MAKE it happen. So what’s the

TAG you are it! How to write slogans and ad headlines

Some call them slogans; others refer to them as “catch lines” or “link lemmas”. Whatever words are used to refer to them, they are perhaps the most important part of your promotional copywriting. Do you recognize any of these? : “Like a rock…” “Fly the friendly skies…” “It’s the real thing!” “Quality is job number

6 Should You Use SEO Tools For Website Analytics?

Online marketing is the fastest way of advertising to educate, promote or market a product and services. And if you have own product or service website then you need to increase popularity among people to promote your products. If you have less time to do this then you should use some web marketing tools for