Advantages of buying through a car dealer

If you’re in the market for a new car, and by new, we mean new to you, which in most cases means a new used car, now you have so many options these days. You can go to TradeMe, you can go online where there are a lot of great deals, but where you have

How to make money online and create wealth on the internet

Creating cash from the Internet involves offering a Service or a Product. Let’s take a quick look at these two business models. 1. Offering a Service to earn money online Some websites make money by offering an online identity and service built up over the years and people feel comfortable doing business with them because

Future scope of mechanical engineering career

Engineering is by far the most conventional and substantial career option of all. While there are various streams that one can pursue, the one with a knack for automation and mechanics should certainly opt for a B.Tech mechanical engineering course. The reason is that it is considered the most lucrative and perennial branch of engineering

The Ford Motors Journey

Henry Ford began the journey of Ford Motors in the year 1903. Since the incorporation of the organization, Ford Motors has grown to become one of the largest players in the automotive industry. For the past 100-plus years, Ford has succeeded in pushing the boundaries of automotive technology and introducing cars that have earned the

Interesting Steadicam shots little known in the history of cinema

When filmmakers, film students, and movie buffs talk about famous and memorable steadicam shots, a narrow list of shots always comes up, such as the Copacabana shot in “Goodfellas,” the chase sequence in “Carlito’s Way,” or the flat title “Raging Bull” wrestling match. But now the Steadicam has been used on film for over 30

Four elements of responsible and safe driving

I would suggest that the people responsible don’t suddenly and mysteriously turn into delusional sadistic maniacs once they get behind the wheel. So why are there so many irresponsible drivers on our roads with us? Perhaps it’s because many responsible people simply never take the time to consider what it really takes to be a

Remote reservations experience poverty differently than most

Four years ago, I was on a flight to a remote Manitoba First Nations reservation. In the space where there used to be a passenger seat next to the pilot was stacked 432 boxes of fries. In the rear cargo space were hundreds more. They were being flown to this reservation, just a two-hour flight

The amazing roll-up car cover

The Roll Up car cover is made of micro-woven taffeta, along with seven layers of polyurethane. This allows the roof to repel high pressure water falling from the sky. You will also be able to keep the car dry when you hose down the cover while you are in the car. The micro technology in

Low Budget Screenplays: From the Blank Screen to the Silver Screen

It may be a cliché, but it remains true that the mother of invention is necessity. Strict parameters sharpen the creative process, and the most fundamental parameter of all is not having money. That’s the situation for most aspiring filmmakers when they sit down to write a script that can be shot on a goodwill