Why it is easier to lose weight in hot weather

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There are countries that experience hot and dry weather conditions most of the year. Most of these countries are in Asia and the Caribbean. In those places, you will feel like it is summer even in the months when it is supposed to rain or it is winter. You can enjoy a few mild and cold days in those areas, but they usually won’t last long, and before you know it, you’ll be feeling hot and sweaty again.

Although living in those countries can be uncomfortable, as you are always flushed and sweaty, there is a notable advantage that comes with it: you can lose weight more easily in those places.

There are several studies that have shown that people tend to lose weight more easily in hot countries. If you live in a country that is practically summer all year round, here are the reasons why you will lose weight more easily in that area:

It tends to show more skin in a place that enjoys warm weather.

Women and men will be more comfortable and feel cooler when they come out in something that shows more skin. Of course, if they have to go to the beach or the pool, they must bring a bathing suit.

If you wear a bathing suit or an outfit that shows off more skin, you will of course want to be in your best shape while wearing them. Putting on a bathing suit or any skimpy outfit can seriously motivate you to lose weight and get toned. As such, you will be more driven to eat right and exercise regularly for a leaner and fitter body.

Nice, sunny weather can prompt you to be more active. When the weather is warm, you tend to exercise more often. Research showed that exercise tends to be seasonal; In general, people are more active in the spring and summer and tend to relax in the fall and winter. If you live in a hot or warm country, this would not be a big problem for you. Since the sun is always outside or the weather is great even at night, you can exercise whenever you want.

Finally, hot weather can help suppress your appetite. Everyone wants to eat ice cream, one of the high calorie foods, when it is hot. But aside from this, you may find that the hot condition can compress your appetite. A 2013 study showed that people who exercised in a hot environment ate less afterwards than those who exercised in a cooler environment. As such, the red-hot temperatures can reduce your desire to eat even after a really hard workout.

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