Why I Don’t Wear Glasses Anymore – Carrot Juice Story

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A story about lost glasses and much better eyesight – a true story from a writer on healthy eating. How his positive contribution to the lives of others can affect his own life.

It seems that the only times we pay attention to our mental and physical health are when our bodies can’t cope with the burdens, stresses, and strains of life. These seem to plague us almost all the time and it is at such times that we turn to the virtues of nature to provide us with miraculous cures. Just think though, if we were to get acquainted with the wonderful qualities of nature from an early age in our childhood, we might not face so many problems later in life.

After my hard and stressful work week, I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep well. The next day I couldn’t find my glasses. I needed them urgently to write a letter but I couldn’t find them anywhere. Imagine my joy when I suddenly discovered that I could write without my glasses! What a miracle! I was completely puzzled by this for a long time, but then I realized that this wonderful discovery was the result of drinking a glass of fresh carrot juice every day.

Up until that point, I had taken several different supplements and vitamins to improve my eyesight, but they didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Could it be that the fresh carrot juice I drank every morning had actually cured me? I scolded myself: ‘Tell everyone about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. You wrote so many fairy tales, stories and legends about the miracles of carrots, and yet you can not believe in this miracle! One day, the teachers of a school in Russia sent us a letter telling us how they had incorporated our fairy tales into their children’s lessons. They had brought a large pumpkin to the lessons and told the children that ‘Aunt Pumpkin’ ruled the plant kingdom as it was the largest and most caring vegetable on the planet. Then they told the children about the miracles that the green-eyed Aunt Pumpkin could do in her splendid orange dress; how she could heal painful joints and strengthen bones and intestines.

It didn’t take long before the parents started complaining. One mother groaned: ‘My daughter won’t let her father relax. He loves lying down in front of the TV after work, but she keeps tugging at his sleeves to go into the kitchen and eat pumpkin. She kept repeating all night, ‘Dad, now I know why you’re always so tired. It’s because you don’t eat pumpkin. It is the gourd that gives strength and energy!’

‘My son keeps picking on me with pumpkins. Every day he wants to have it for dinner. He keeps saying, ‘I don’t want my teeth to go bad.’ In the past he never ate pumpkin, exclaimed another mother.

Here, we have a true fact of life regarding what a single fairy tale can do: it can create a miraculous impression on children.

One day I visited a school at lunchtime. The school cooks prepared carrot salad for the children. When I saw a boy push aside his plate of salad with hate in his eyes, I asked him, ‘Do you know why gnomes like carrots better than gold?’ At that moment, all conversation in the dining room stopped and all eyes turned to me. They really like carrots better than gold. I said again. ‘In many countries they tell stories about how the gnomes exchange pieces of gold with lumberjacks in exchange for delicious carrots.’ – This is because there is vitamin A in carrots which helps people grow big and strong. Gnomes grow very slowly, so the vitamins that can help them grow faster are more valuable to them than all the jewels on earth. The vitamins in carrots can also help you see perfectly. The underground light is very bad, so the eyes of the gnomes suffer. Fresh carrot is a wonderful cure for them. If you want to see a gnome, you should always go to the forest with some carrots.

After dinner, the school cook told the teacher that everyone wanted extra servings of carrot salad. They’re probably up to some mischief. We always have a lot of salad left over. said the cook.

It’s strange, but very often we get letters from students from different universities and schools who are writing essays and reports about healthy food and they ask us if we will allow them to use our illustrations of talking strawberries and playful bananas.

Our message to everyone: Dear friends, our fruits and vegetables don’t just talk and play in our illustrations. They also talk and play in the stories and tales that tell us their wonderful secrets. These fruits and vegetables will remain close to our hearts forever. All we have to do is learn about its miraculous qualities and make use of them in our daily lives.

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