Vanish Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover – What exactly does this carpet and upholstery cleaner do?

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Vanish Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover

If you are looking for the ultimate solution to your carpet and upholstery stain problems, the vanish Oxi Stain Remover should be in your shopping cart. This powerful carpet and upholstery stain remover uses a patented compound that dissolves oil, grease and dirt on any type of fabric, even extremely stained ones. What’s more, it leaves behind virtually no noticeable odor so you can continue with your hectic lifestyle without having to worry about lingering odor embarrassments.

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So, what exactly does this carpet and upholstery cleaner do? It liberates trapped dirt, grease, oils and disinfects stubborn stain spots. Just spray the bottle, follow up with a soft cloth to apply the cleaner and then watch as stains disappear! The cleaner penetrates deeply into the carpet or upholstery fabric and dissolves the stain causing contaminants. It’s that simple! You won’t believe it!

For maximum results, the cleaner must be allowed to penetrate the fabric. Some products have an instantaneous shelf life but most are designed to work over an extended period of time. Allow the product to penetrate the area you want to treat. Then blot or vacuum away the remaining residue with a clean, dry cloth. If the carpet or upholstery requires more than one application, repeat until you are satisfied that the carpet or upholstery is free of stains. Then allow the cleaner to stand alone for an appropriate length of time.

What exactly does this carpet and upholstery cleaner do?

Each bottle contains a powerful formula containing everything necessary to remove stains. Each bottle contains two parts – a base which acts as a lubricant for the cleaner to penetrate the carpet or upholstery and a powerful oxidizing ingredient that protects the carpet or upholstery from further damage. The Oxi Action Powerspray is easy to use. Simply apply to the affected area using a clean damp cloth. You will instantly see the visible results – a new, strong bond developing between the cleaner and the fabric or upholstery.

Each bottle contains enough Oxi Action Powersoil to saturate twenty-three square feet. You do not have to saturate the entire floor; you only need it to prevent re-soiling in areas that are not treated. This powerful formula is non-staining and non-irritating, as well as being safe on carpets and upholstery. The oxidizing ingredient gives your carpet a protective coating so that any stain caused by food, water or pet accidents cannot permanently damage or discolour your carpet or upholstery. With continued use, your carpet or upholstery will become almost immune to any further stain exposure.

Vanish Oxi Action powerspray products are formulated to work in conjunction with other cleaning products. If used in combination with other cleaners you can ensure your carpet or upholstery remains clean, shiny and durable. This is an effective and efficient means of cleaning even extremely tough stains such as grease or red wine. The powerful formulation also helps to lift odours, preventing them from returning again. Bleach free, safe for carpets and upholstery, this product is definitely the best option for protecting your investment!

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