Inspiration for scrapbook pages


Scrapbooking is a great creative outlet, as well as a personal way to preserve memories. Whether you prefer to create a scrapbook by hand or enjoy digital scrapbooking, you will always need inspiration. Pages are often built around a central theme, idea, event, or activity. While some occasions in life are easy to turn into scrapbook pages, other less obvious ones can help create a more diversified scrapbook.

One of the first things to mention is also the best source of inspiration: your images. Usually looking through your images will give you at least some ideas for scrapbook pages. You also need to determine if you have enough images to make at least a 12 x 12 page. If you have an image that would work great for a page idea, make sure you have other complementary images that span the center image.

Scrapbooks often have pages that revolve around holidays and birthdays, and for good reason. These are memory-making times that usually involve the gathering of friends and family. You may already have pages that revolve around Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and birthdays as they often revolve around children, but you also consider other holidays like Memorial Day (photos from the parade?), Valentine’s Day and July 4 (go to the fireworks?).

In addition to the usual vacations, inspiration can be found in a variety of other events and activities. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Preschool or start of school

2. Milestones

3. Graduations (kindergarten, etc.)

4. Club or church achievements and awards
For. Boy / Girl Scouts
B. Church youth group
vs. School clubs (Spanish Club, Fca, Ffa)

5. Sports and teams

6. Scripture verses

7. Extracurricular activities

8. Baby growth
For. First words
B. First steps
vs. First time in trouble
D. Mispronounced words

9. Nicknames of family members

10. Playing
For. Fun playground
B. With friends
vs. With cousins
D. With grandparents

11. Daily activities
For. Summarize daily activities (lunch, playtime, nap time, story time, etc.)

12. Quotes or slogan of family members

Another way to get inspired is by perusing the selection of paper, stamps, quotes, and other supplies at your local scrapbooking or scrapbooking store. However, this can be dangerous for your financial situation if you are not prepared. It’s easy to buy anything and everything that catches your eye, causing you to spend a lot more than you planned (if you had a plan in the first place). Here are some ideas to keep you from overspending. Before you go, decide the limits. A limit that you could set obviously costs; choose an amount and do not exceed it.

Another limit could be the number of “inspirations” you want. Decide to only buy items for the top three ideas that inspire you. You can also combine these two limits, up to three ‘inspirations’, maximum of $ 25.

There are many places you can get inspiration for scrapbook pages. The digital scrapbook templates provided online can help even with your handmade scrapbooks. Inspiration can also be found when something (such as an object or a design) catches your eye. These can be seen driving down the street, in museums and art galleries, or even at the grocery store. You can also find great ideas by looking at the creations of other scrapbooking enthusiasts.

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