Ideas, Not Money, Are the Key to Prosperity: Pearls of Wisdom from an Internet Dad

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Your mind is like a gold mine and it can bring you great wealth if you just take advantage of it.

Indeed Philip Emeagwali gave us great wisdom in his speech delivered on September 23, 2006 at the University of Alberta, titled “Ideas, Not Money, Alleviate Poverty.”

Ideas, which certainly arise from the human mind, are the true riches that can take any person (or nation) from poverty to prosperity. Have you heard the story of the man who spent his entire life in poverty seeking riches, only to discover, on his deathbed, that his house was on a rich gold mine? If you think this man’s case is pathetic, think again of any man who in his twilight years discovers the great riches (far more abundant than any gold mine) that reside in his mind: the reservoir that fills his cup to overflowing when your harness is correct.

Within each person are multiple oil wells and gold mines, as evidenced by the great discovery and magnificent contribution to science and thus wealth and prosperity by Philip Emeagwali himself (Africa’s Bill Gates). .

I have long cherished a quote I borrowed from Courier magazine to the effect that the greatest resource of any nation is contained in the brains of its citizens, their resourcefulness, ingenuity, and productive hard work.

Since then I have read tons of volumes attesting to this very truth which has just been refreshed in my mind by Emeagwali’s great speech. He says: “The potential for progress and poverty alleviation…is based on the capital generated by the power within our minds, not by our ability to extract minerals from the ground or seek debt relief and foreign assistance.” “.

Many people think that only money can create prosperity, but experts have long questioned this idea; prosperity and all riches are the result of the crystallization of ideas in concrete form.

Take care of your mind and nurture its development as your greatest resource, your gold mine and your oil well, and you will never run out of riches. Control of the mind and its direction towards the achievement of worthwhile goals is the little known secret that is responsible for the difference between poverty and prosperity.

The idea warehouse

Ideas are the fruits of the great and often neglected garden of the human mind. Yes, your mind; The great riches of the human mind so perplexed Earl Nightingale that he states, with great enthusiasm, on his gold record “The Strangest Secret”: you see, the human mind is the last great unexplored continent on earth! How right you are! Truly, despite the great strides made in science, we have yet to reach the depths of the secrets of the human mind.

You can generate many useful ideas simply by using your imagination. Synthetic imagination is the faculty of the mind that uses known facts and ideas to arrange them in new combinations. This could be very useful if you fix in your mind what you really want from life. If you clearly define the object of your creation and keep it fresh in your mind, you can use your synthetic imagination to solve many problems just like the great inventors of yore did. The world’s great inventor, Thomas Edison, famous for electric lamps, used synthetic imagination for most of his inventions.

creative imagination, however, is the workshop of true genius; this is the means of communication to which the genius resorts when the synthetic imagination does not produce the desired results. Through creative imagination, you can communicate with the Source of All Knowledge. Hold in your mind a clear mental picture of what you want to create, ACT the part and then leave the rest to the Creator.

Despite the great achievements of our great universities, it is through this Source of All Knowledge that the most reliable and infallible knowledge and Ideas are received. In the words of Robert Collier, author of “The Secret of the Ages,” the creative imagination “is the means by which we take advantage of all the good that God constantly offers us in such profusion. It is the means by which we can reach any goal, win any prize”. And as he said it elsewhere, CREATIVE IMAGINATION BRINGS FINANCIAL REWARDS!

Take advantage of the resources of your mind and abundant riches will flow from it!

It can not be done?

“Our doubts are treacherous and make us lose the good that many times we could gain for fear of trying,” says the Bard of Avon. William Shakespeare’s words are as true today as they were when he uttered them centuries ago. Man’s greatest enemy is himself insofar as he doubts his own ability to perform miracles. However, the oldest of admonitions is: “Man, know yourself!”

A clear case of a man who harnessed the resources of his mind and created wealth is Nigerian-born Kase Lawal, who came to the United States as a student and, after completing his studies, began growing his CAMAC Holdings from the ground up. humble until it became an oil industry. giant. His company, reports Ebony Magazine, “raised a mind-boggling $1 billion in 2005 alone.” Kase Lawal’s advice to young people is to get out there and be brave. You must not let lack of money hinder your progress. Teaching young people to learn from personal experience, Kase advises that one must have the courage to “go out and meet people and tell them what you want to do, what you’re trying to do, and what you can do.”

Thinking outside the box

Philip Emeagwali mentioned in his speech that he used innovative thinking to create his most outstanding contribution to the sphere of knowledge; a great feat that earned him the enviable accolade of being “An Internet Father”. This same type of thinking could be used to solve his personal problems and the national political and socioeconomic problems that currently plague the world. Don’t just think of things as they are, but use your imagination to perceive things as they are. COULD be.

It was mind blown; You should not limit your thinking solely to established norms and trends. If Galileo and Newton had chained their minds to the conventional thinking of the time, the world would not have made such giant strides as we all proudly appreciate in our modern civilization today. If Emeagwali and his contemporaries hadn’t come out of the box, you wouldn’t have been reading this article because there would have been no internet!

Free your mind from its bonds and let it fly as it was designed to be, be receptive to flashes of inspiration and hunches and strengthen your thoughts and efforts with faith; This is the key to success in any field!

The productive use of your mind, that idea-generating machine, is a great compliment to the Creator. Draw ideas from his mind and ACT on his ideas, to truly Ideas, not money, are the key to lasting riches!

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