July 16, 2024

I recently removed all the ceramic tiles in my conservatory and replaced them with new ones. Since my goal was to do the job to a high standard, I did a lot of research and talked to professionals before I got stuck. In this article I share with you what I discovered and how it allowed me to achieve a fantastic result.

If you have a conservatory, you know that the benefits of this extra luxurious living space make it an essential part of anyone’s home. In fact, we not only use our conservatory for family meals, but also for entertaining friends. As a result, the floor tiles looked worn and I decided to remove and replace them.

At first it seemed like quite a daunting task as the tools were secured to the floor with strong tile adhesive. In fact I figured I’d be spending hours and hours on my knees with a Bolster hammer and hand scraper.

I was relieved to discover that this wasn’t necessary and that there was, in fact, a much easier way to remove all the tiles that didn’t require me to spend hours on my knees.

The first step was to put on safety gear that included goggles, gloves, and a mask. Trust me, there is so much sharp debris flying when breaking tiles that it’s not worth risking injury.

Next, I smashed all the tiles by hitting them with a hammer (this was a lot of fun for me).

My best discovery (and this is the real tip I want to share) was a long-handled electric scraper. It’s basically a tile scraper that’s on a long reinforced broom handle. This is used to tap and scrape up broken ceramic tiles and it works wonders.

Once all the tiles were removed I used a brush and vacuum to remove all the dust and small particles. I then scraped off any adhesive residue and made sure the floor was level and free of dents.

That’s all it took and then I was ready to apply my new cheap ceramic tiles.

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