Black Ops: How To Get More Points By Killing Zombies In Kino Der Toten

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Call Of Duty Black Ops has proven to be a very challenging game, especially when playing Zombies on XBOX Live or alone. To maximize the amount of points in Zombies, it is important that you start by using your pistol. Remember that you earn points for every shot that hits a zombie, instead of getting points just for killing a zombie.

Don’t forget to use grenades when possible and try not to buy any machine guns until round 3. Machine guns are a great way to earn extra points because they can fire fast and that helps you earn more points. Some of my favorite weapons to use are SMGs like MP5K and RPL. It is also better that you avoid the shotgun at first because it is not the best way to optimize the points, although it is powerful to clear the corridors of the Zombies.

When entering new rooms, it is best if the person with the most points opens the door. This will help keep your team balanced and allow everyone to have a sufficient number of points to purchase powerful weapons. Also, remember that you only get 2 revives for every 10 rounds, use them wisely trying not to get overrun by zombies. Revives can be a great way to save yourself from a game over that will ultimately require you to start over.

If you are playing alone, do your best to keep the barriers locked to avoid surprises. It’s also best to save instakill for when the dogs come to attack you. Dogs are fast and unpredictable, so instakill comes in handy. If you get 2x multiplication, try to kill as many zombies as fast as you can and try to rebuild the barriers as this will also help you maximize your points.

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