June 15, 2024

Knowing the Fair Trade and Certified Organic chocolate companies

Today, there are more fair trade chocolate companies and brands specializing in organic chocolate ingredients than ever before. Whether you’re looking for chocolate gifts for a special occasion or a quick snack for the road, your green shopping journey will be a lot less of a hassle today than it was five years ago.

So breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you no longer have to struggle to find out where to buy organic chocolate products. We’ve compiled a long list of the most popular, ethically sound, and highest quality organic chocolate brands and chocolate companies. Check them out, share them with your friends, and most of all, celebrate your choice to live a greener, more socially conscious life.

alter echo

Using only certified organic and certified fair trade chocolate, as well as fair trade organic sugar, nuts, raisins and coffee beans, Alter Eco’s chocolates are also free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, chemical additives and emulsifiers.

organic dagoba

Dagoba Organic Chocolate’s belief in chocolate as a sacred food (dagoba means temple in Sanskrit) is made from organic cacao beans from a variety of countries, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Peru.

divine chocolate

Farmer-organized, Divine Chocolate Company works with small-scale cocoa farmers, primarily in West Africa, to encourage ethical business practices. The company invests in building schools, digging wells, providing mobile clinics, and promoting income-generating projects for women.

Endangered species

Endangered Species Chocolate emphasizes principles like reverence for life and ethical trade. Their wrappers raise awareness of species that are currently threatened or endangered. Ten percent of all net profits go to support species, habitat and humanity.

equal exchange

Working with three different farmer cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Equal Exchange’s organic chocolate products are organic and fair trade. The company also produces teas, snacks and coffee.

green and black

Fusing the “green” of organic chocolate production principles with the “black” of decadent living, Green & Black’s is delicious and sustainable. They choose only organic and fair trade chocolate ingredients.

grenada chocolate company

For the Granada Chocolate Company, it is not enough to buy certified organic cocoa beans, they must grow them themselves. Working with organic farmer cooperatives, they grow the beans and then use solar-powered machines to make the chocolate.

Ithaca Fine Chocolates

At Ithaca Fine Chocolates, the goal is to produce exquisite chocolate (using Swiss chocolatier methods) that is also Fair Trade certified. They also only buy USDA certified organic ingredients. Their wrappers, art cards, and display boxes are also made from recycled paper.

Newman’s Own Organics

Newman’s Own Organics, a company founded by Paul Newman, offers Signature Series Chocolate, which is USDA Certified Organic and made with ingredients grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Seeds of change

Working to keep open-pollinated organic seeds available to farmers and gardeners around the world, Seeds of Change also produces some organic foods and recently developed a line of chocolate made from organically grown cocoa, fruits, nuts and spices from around the world. .

Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates

Based in California, Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates are certified organic by the Certified Organic Farmer Organization (CCOF).

Organic Terra Nostra

A Vancouver, Canada company, Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate is certified organic and is known for its gorgeous flavor and lush finish. The company is also a founding member of Equitable Trade, which strives to promote organic chocolate farming and ethical trading methods for its suppliers.

ancient plantations

With the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval, Vintage Plantations chocolate is made from Ecuadorian cacao so you know it’s organic and ethical.

Know where to buy fair trade chocolate

Now that you know which fair trade chocolate brands and organic chocolate companies to look for, you may also need help knowing where to buy fair trade and organic chocolates (some artisans and producers don’t sell their products online). To help you, here are some tools that will help you know where to buy ethical and organic chocolates:

  • Global Exchange offers a wide range of Fair Trade certified products, including chocolate, coffee, tea, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry and more.
  • TransFair USA maintains a list of national cafes, restaurants, and retailers that sell its Fair Trade certified food products.
  • The Chocolate Room offers some organic and fair trade chocolate bars.
  • You can find Vintage Plantations fair trade chocolates at World Wide Chocolate online.

Choose organic chocolate to give away

Holidays throughout the year are popular occasions to buy chocolate as a gift. But this year, when you shop on the islands or browse online, keep eco-friendly chocolate giveaways in mind, especially when you attend events here:

Valentine’s Day

Give your partner a box of certified organic chocolates or chocolates that have the fair trade certification seal.


Stock up on Hanukkah Gelt that is certified organic and look for advent calendars and stocking stuffers for Christmas that are Fair Trade certified.

Mother’s Day

Surprise your mom with a bouquet of chocolates that are healthier for her and ensured that women around the world were treated with dignity and respect. Fair Trade is the only way to go for this occasion.

Father’s day

If your dad has a sweet tooth, give him a real treat by buying organic chocolates that were produced with cocoa beans grown on farms free of pesticides and fertilizers. These will hit the spot without harming the farmers.


Don’t let the Easter bunny bring your children chocolates made with child labor! Instead, choose Fair Trade certified chocolates.


Send trick-or-treaters home with candy that won’t cause health problems later. Organic, toxin-free chocolates are a great alternative to conventional candy.


If it’s time to plan a spectacular day to celebrate your love, do it with favors that are ethical to add a green and socially conscious touch to your day. Look for the fair trade and organic stamps for your cake too!

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