First week of the 2010 NFL season: A look back at every game

Opening week of the 2010 NFL season has come and gone and included everything a football fan expects from the National Football League. There were controversial plays, surprises, teams that had problems getting their offenses going, teams that had their defenses shredded, and teams that started the season on the right track and ready to

Latest software development trends

Software companies with strong and agile release management practices have a significant competitive advantage. To gain this advantage, an organization must first optimize its release management process and identify the most appropriate release management platform and tools. In 2016, we heard the slow and steady pace of smart tools, including chatbots and other AI-based solutions,

What is the name of the first spreadsheet program? A brief history

Spreadsheets are a powerful tool that helped legitimize the personal computer for business use in the early 1980s. They paved the way for the software revolution that has exploded ever since. Spreadsheet software comes with almost every new personal computer these days, and most people have at least some experience with spreadsheet software. What are

Nearly America’s Most Wanted

This is one of the true but strange events that I have experienced in my life on this planet. It was June 1999 in Hollywood California on a Saturday night. I was in the band Madareus and we were recording the drum tracks for our upcoming 5 song demo EP available for purchase on my

Alphabet scavenger hunt for your preschool and kindergarten group

Do you have trouble getting your class to recognize the alphabet? You are not alone. Teachers everywhere must adapt to many forms of learning to reach all students. Although the following suggestions are not necessarily original, sometimes we need to remember how many options there are for working with the alphabet. If you’re just getting

Eat Natural Series – Kale Kicks Inflammation

Let’s take a look at kale and explore this nutritional plant powerhouse. Kale offers a variety of protective benefits, from anti-inflammatory properties, which are very important in controlling blood sugar, to cancer-fighting properties. The beneficial compounds found in kale have powerful medicinal properties; making this member of the cabbage family one of the healthiest and

A simple method to obtain a healthy and splendid skin

Both women and men can use certain vegetable oils and other natural oils to keep their skin young, healthy, and beautiful. Good quality pure virgin olive oil is one of them. Another oil that can be recommended is argan oil. Another useful natural substance for this purpose is squalane. This is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon

“Apples to Apples” – Tips for a Successful Painting Project

I am very relieved to meet more than one excellent painter whom I trust, whose presence in my home is at least pleasant and discreet, who is orderly and respectful of my personal environment. Personally, I’m more comfortable with someone who works out of my own home, or my clients’ homes, who has a fairly