Where is the best place to find the keyword bidding tool and keyword research tools?

Digital Marketing

the best free Keyword Bid Tool that combines keyword research tools is the Google Keyword Tool.

This tool is known as the AdSense Keyword Tool because it will not only return search criteria for the keywords you entered, but if you select synonyms, it will also suggest a list of related words or phrases.

When Google completes your search and returns your results, it will not automatically reveal the estimated cost per click per keyword. To get this information, go to the box titled “Choose columns to display”, open the options, go to the bottom and select All.

You should now see the estimated cost per click to rank in positions 1-3.

Using the estimated cost per click, this can be ordered from highest to lowest, so for a potential pay-per-click campaign, this keyword bid information is invaluable if you’re on a tight budget. You can select those keywords with a cost per click that is not too high.

Conversely, if you were optimizing your site for AdSense purposes, then you would obviously target your search engine optimization around the keywords with the highest bids.

Another free but not as well-known keyword research tool is the one provided by You Tube. To find out what keywords are used by You Tube visitors to find videos relevant to your keywords, simply type into your browser’s YouTube Keyword Tool and this should result in the placement of this great keyword research tool.

There are many other keyword bidding tools, both free and paid, just doing a few quick web search queries will reveal many of them.

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