The Tibetan Epic of King Gesar: History or Prophecy?

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Tibetan Epic of King Gesar and 2012/13

Tibet has the title of the longest myth in the world. It contains more than a million words and its origins are a mystery. The name of the myth is the Epic of King Gesar. The Wikipedia article on the epic of King Gesar states that many scholars believe that the epic/myth is an exaggeration of a real man who lived in the Tibetan region between the 11th and 12th centuries AD. C. I think they need to think again. It is clearly a very, very old myth. I am telling it here, because I think we are about to experience a similar event in 2012 or 2013. Perhaps we can learn from history. Or is it history after all? Perhaps the Gesar epic is not a myth; maybe it’s a prophecy, a prophecy that is coming true now!

The epic myth is set in a time when there were virtual gods, clearly a long, long time ago. The gods were called tenger [sometimes spelled Tengri ]. tenger it literally means sky, and may be etymologically related to the Chinese word Tian, ​​which also means sky. The Tengers’ abode was in heaven on Mount Meru (or Mount Sumeru). While the gods’ abode was in heaven, there was interaction with the people of Earth, and the actions of the gods had great ramifications for the people living on Earth at the time.

The main characters of the myth are the following:

Etsegee Malaan: “Father who cares for everything”, the greatest and wisest of the gods;

Khormasta: “Master over Evil”, the leader of the 55 Western Tenger;

Atai Ulan: “Red Envy”, the leader of the 44 Eastern Tenger;

Tsegeen Sevdeg: “The White Freckled”, the leader of a neutral Tenger group right in the middle between the Western Tenger and the Eastern Tenger;

noon tsetseg: “Green Flower”, the beautiful daughter/princess of White Freckled;

Zasa Mergen Bataar: “Wise Hero of the State”, the eldest son of Master Over Evil;

Bukhe Beligte Bataar: “Gifted Hero”, the second son of Master Over Evil;

Tsagaan Khasar: “Cruz Blanca”, the eldest son of Red Envy;

Shar Khasar: “Yellow Cross”, the second son of Red Envy; and

Khar Kasar: “Black Cross”, the youngest son of Red Envy.

So, there were basically three groups of gods: the western tenger, the eastern tenger, and the middle tenger. One day, the leader of Western Tenger, Master Over Evil, got bored of eating, drinking and sitting around all day. He decided to go see White Freckled and his beautiful daughter, Green Flower.

After Master Over Evil arrived, the White Freckled One invited Red-Envy to join them for a party. The party lasted 11 days, until finally Master Over Evil, who was probably drunk, said, “Red-Envy, you and your 44 Tenger must join my Western Tenger, and I will be king.” Then Red Envy said, “No, you and your 55 Tenger should join my Eastern Tenger, and I’ll be king.” White Freckled One contributed: “And which one of you will I join?”

Long story short, Master Over Evil and Red Envy started fighting over who would get White Freckled One and his Tenger. The battle lasted a long time, and the two gods got tired. They decided to go home and stop fighting.

With the passage of time, Green Flower’s beauty became famous among all the gods. The male gods lined up to woo the princess. Eventually, Master Over Evil and Red-Envy learned that the suitors were lining up to see the princess. They went to see the fiasco for themselves. Virtually every male body that was someone was there seeking the princess’s hand in marriage. After some debate, it was decided (by the men) that the best of the West should fight the best of the East for the right to woo the princess. The eldest son of Master Over Evil, State’s Wise Hero, claimed the title of best in the West. He stood up and challenged someone from the East to fight him. Red Envy’s eldest son, White Cross, rose and accepted the challenge.

Long story short, the Sage Hero of the State killed White Cross. So, the second son of Red Envy, Yellow Cross, challenged the Sage Hero of the State. He too lost his life. Finally, the youngest of Red Envy challenged the Sage Hero of the State. He too lost his life.

Having lost all of their children, Red Envy declared war on the Western Tenger. The result was an epic battle; a virtual war of the gods. The war ended when Master Over Evil killed Red Envy. However, Master Over Evil was not satisfied with just killing his opponent. Oh no! He had to cut his deceased opponent into nine parts.

First, he lopped off Red Envy’s head. Red Envy’s head became the red dragon demon Araatan Cheutgeur (also known as: Araakho). Araakho tried to devour the sun and the moon. It is said that every time he catches one, an eclipse occurs and darkness covers the Earth.

Haven’t we had a lot of eclipses in the last few years?

Second, he slashed Red Envy’s neck. Red Envy’s neck became the “King of Fire and Ash”. It is said that the King of Fire and Ash could transform into 1003 forms. He represented volcanism on planet Earth.

Haven’t we had an increase in volcanic activity in recent years?

Third, he severed Red Envy’s right arm. Red Envy’s right arm became the “Deforestation Demon”. It is said that the Demon of Deforestation would devour entire forests. His appetite for trees was insatiable. The Demon of Deforestation represented a massive death of the trees of our planet for unknown causes.

Recent reports come from David Milarch and Linda Moulton Howe that millions of trees are dying and scientists don’t know why.

Fourth, he severed Red Envy’s left arm. Red Envy’s left arm became the Evaporation Demon. The Evaporation Demon is said to have swallowed entire rivers and lakes.

Recent reports have come out of entire lakes and reservoirs disappearing.

Fifth, he sliced ​​through Red Envy’s torso. Red Envy’s torso became the demon named “Gigantic Genius”. It is said that Gigantic Genius was a dragon with fifteen heads. Each head represented a different plague that attacked and killed many people and animals.

Recent reports of flesh-eating bacteria, amoebic infections, brain-eating fungi, bird flu, SARS, H1N1 virus, etc., are all over the media.

Sixth, he sliced ​​through Red Envy’s belly. Red Envy’s belly became the “Deceptive Dark Dragon Shapeshifter” (DDDSS). It is said that DDDSS could shapeshift into any shape it wanted for the purpose of deception. It is said that the earth was filled with corruption by deceit.

Are we not now beginning to collectively realize the copious corruption and devious deceit of our leaders?

Lastly, he severed both of Red Envy’s legs. Red Envy’s two legs became the demons of “Thinness” and “Boneness”. It is said that they circled the Earth creating famine. Many animals died of starvation. The birds fell from the sky. Many fish went belly up.

Have we heard reports in recent years of mass deaths; birds falling from the sky, and whole schools of fish belly up? Are we not now on the cusp of a world famine?

However, our story does not end there. To continue, the humans were suffering greatly. They were hungry. They suffered from all kinds of diseases. They were dying. Their prayers went up the Tenger, “Please save us!” they begged. Eventually, his prayers reached the ears of the all-caring Father. The all-caring Father called a council of the gods. After much discussion, it was decided that since Master Over Evil had caused all the problems on Earth, he should fix it. Only they, the second son of Master Over Evil, All-doated Hero, stood up and begged the council not to send his father. “Please send me instead.” So, it was decided to send Gifted Hero to incarnate in the body of a human and save the human race.

All-Gifted Hero was born to a virgin princess, by some immaculate magical insemination of Master Over Evil’s seed. The earthly name of the all-gifted hero was Gesar. When he grew up, he became a great king, who performed many great miracles and saved the human race from destruction.

Now that our story is over, I ask the question again: is this history? Or is it prophecy? Maybe it’s both.

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