Teds Woodworking Review: The Ultimate Guide to Woodworking Plans and Projects?

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Woodworking can be a lot of fun. It is such a rewarding feeling to see your woodworking projects professionally finished and become useful and beautiful additions to your home or garden. Bunk beds for the kids, outdoor furniture, most of the time I found the idea and instruction research for the project to be a huge pain at times. DIY books are a great source of ideas, but they tend to lack the instructive details you needed to get the job done.

My projects generally turned out pretty good, but not without a lot of struggling and flying through the seat of my pants. I would buy project books only to find that the plan was missing a couple of steps. And I can’t tell you how many times I had to run back to the hardware store to pick something up because I didn’t have a full list of materials. To say the least, it may have been easier to hire someone to build it for me, but the cost involved can be quite high.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could find thousands of cool and easy woodworking project ideas all in one place? What if each of those big projects came with a full set of plans, a list of all the materials you’d need, and even the tools you’ll need to build it? I’m telling you, you would feel like you died and went to heaven.

Professional woodworker, educator, and AWI member Ted “Woody” McGrath has spent the last 2 years putting together one of the most comprehensive woodworking project packages you can find. This package includes:

  • Over 16,000 Woodworking Project Plans
  • Detailed diagrams and plans for each project.
  • Complete list of ALL the materials you will need
  • All the woodworking tools you’ll need to build your project

Because Ted McGrath is an educator, he knows how intimidating woodworking can be for the novice. All Teds Woodworking projects have very clear step by step instructions that are very easy to follow. So even if he is a total newbie to woodworking, he will be able to master all the necessary skills and techniques simply by following the clear and concise instructions that Ted has laid out for you. Even a seasoned woodworking veteran can greatly benefit from the package Ted has created.

There were only a couple of items that I could find remotely wrong with Teds Woodworking. Every once in a while, a project will be classified incorrectly, but with over 16,000 projects and plans to keep organized, it’s understandable that a couple of projects land in the wrong place. But in general the listings are very well organized. All projects can be found in one place in the members area, and are very easy to access, but depending on your internet connection, downloads may take a while. But I also found in the member’s area where you can upgrade to receive all 16,000+ woodworking projects, plans, and bills of materials on DVD.

To make this product even more complete, Ted is adding some amazing bonuses to his package. The bonus package alone is valued at over $300 and is very hard to beat.

The Teds Woodworking Bonus Pack includes a free “DWG/CAD Plan Viewer” worth a couple of hundred dollars. Compare this to AutoCad 2009 on amazon.com and you’ve just saved yourself almost $1000. You can edit, modify or even create your own woodworking plans with this amazing tool. He also gets a lifetime membership that gives him access to over 150 premium videos on a wide range of woodworking topics by veteran woodworkers, and to top it off, he gets the “Complete Woodworking Guides.” Over 200 pages of solid step-by-step tips, hints and tricks, detailed drawings, diagrams and color photos. Teds Woodworking also comes with a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So here is the final result:

  • -16,000+ woodworking project plans
  • -Detailed diagrams and plans for each project.
  • -Complete list of ALL the materials you will need
  • -All the woodworking tools you will need to build your project
  • -Free DWG/CAD plan viewer
  • -150+ premium woodworking instructional videos
  • -“Complete Woodworking Guides” with over 200 pages of tips
  • 60 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You can find some good woodworking project systems online, but I have found Teds Woodworking to be the most comprehensive. The value of this woodworking project guide far exceeds the price you will pay for it.

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