Camping with dogs: 3 campsites your dog will love

Many campgrounds are no strangers to pets, especially dogs. Animals, even protected ones, love the outdoors because there is so much to see, explore and discover. All pet friendly camps have their own set of rules regarding the entry of animals. It is certainly ideal to call ahead to find out what you need to

How to Be a Powerball Batting Winner Today

Powerball Batting Winner Today You would definitely want to become a powerball batting winner today, what more could you ask for? This is indeed something that most people dream of because this is really the only game that allows one to earn money without exerting effort. However, with the popularity of powerball in the recent

Hotel reservation in the USA

The United States, which is one of the most advanced nations, has a number of hotels of all categories, including luxury, budget and budget. In addition, most cities in the country offer an excellent variety of accommodation facilities at attractively low rates and allow travelers to make hotel reservations in the US either online or

New-Old China – 2003 Editorial

“Can we walk with you and practice English?” This was the polite question of two Chinese university students who stood in the twilight in front of the Kwangchow Hotel complex for foreigners in September 1979. My wife and I had gotten used to the request during a journalists’ tour of ancient China, the week President

Some Amazing Starter Providers For Building Business Credit

You should start a business credit profile and get a score with the initial providers. Start-up providers are the ones who will give you start-up credit even if you don’t have credit, score, or business line right now. Most stores like Staples will NOT give you initial credit, so don’t even try to apply. Here

The best four psychedelic albums of the Beatles

These are the four Beatles albums you need if you like psychedelic music. I won’t put them in order (other than alphabetical) because you really need all four of them and I don’t want you to think you can get away with leaving any of them off your list. Magical and mysterious tour (1967) This

Lawsuits for road defects

We are very used to seeing poorly maintained roads and highways. Potholes caused by poor drainage systems are common after snowstorms and heavy rains. However, sometimes these potholes and other defects are caused by the negligence of others. Fortunately, most people who hit these potholes experience little more than a bump or a broken tire

What diet is good for a marathon?

Nutrition is often an overlooked element of marathon training. The right nutrition plan will make those long workouts seem so much easier! Food is your source of energy. All food is made up of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. Carbohydrates are linked to energy production, complete proteins are linked to tissue repair and building, fat

Hooray for the Federal Rules of Evidence!

The Federal Rules of Evidence used in the federal courts of the United States and adopted by many states and the military are the codification of many years of common law rules of evidence. The development of modern rules of evidence has been a process of nothing more than putting old wine into new bottles.