5 video games you must play before you die

5.) Halo 3 (2007) Why: The Halo series is unique. Gathered friends to blast each other in epic space combat. Halo 3 is perhaps the best of the series when it comes to glorified multiplayer, with a dramatic story with no shortage of opera music tracks and tough character customization. Many titles are still trying

Before the Blues Brothers, French fries served a "Gum cookie"

The doo-wop sound of the 1950s was born on the street corners of America’s cities. Groups of teenagers would harmonize creating music without instruments. His a cappella the melodies were based on nonsensical words, like the bass “bom-bom-bom” to imitate the absent guitars and drums. Few groups took this concept beyond the Chips: Charles “Kenrod”

Android Smartphone Basics Everyone Should Know

SIM and SD cards These are often confused with each other and since they have very different functions it is important to know the difference. Your phone company (Verizon, Tracfone, AT&T) provides you with a SIM card, usually free of charge, and contains information such as your phone number and contacts. It is usually quite

3 Reasons No Contract Cell Phones Are Getting More Popular

Having a cell phone in your place is certainly a vital necessity. However, it is no longer necessary to subscribe to the expensive and long-term contracts offered by different mobile phone operators. A common option for new customers is to consider the availability of pay-as-you-go plans, as they offer a variety of benefits. These are

For women: tomorrow is not guaranteed – take advantage of today

Would you postpone your tasks for today until tomorrow? Why? Many uncertain circumstances could derail you tomorrow. Take advantage of today and use it well. For more information, read on. As a must, you should make two lists about work and household chores and take them with you. While you’re at work, if you’ve ticked

Top 5 Real Estate Keyword Search Tools of 2017

Finding the right keywords for your real estate business is the real challenge. In fact, it is very important to start. You need to search for the right keywords that will attract the right audience for your business. At the same time, you have to think about the competition. The keywords you need to use

Unique ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve

The last eve of the year is saying goodbye to all the bad guys and bringing us goodness to create more in the coming year. With the New Year just around the corner, reservations, discounts and party plans are everywhere and the search is on for the best deal. In fast-paced life and busy schedules,

The 20 best games of all time

20 – Mass Effect I never understood the appeal of Star Wars, at least not until I played Mass Effect. Complete immersion in a world, a universe that Star Wars fans feel, is what they experienced after my first two missions. 19 – Minecraft Yes, someone is trying to recreate the continent of Westeros from