Cadot: Gorgeous but Unassuming French Food in North Dallas

Every now and then, if you are very lucky and a lover of French food, you will meet (or seek!) Such a talented chef as Jean-Marie Cadot, the charming and very talented boss from the eponymous Cadot Restaurant at 18111 Preston Road in North Dallas, located in a beautiful space on the northwest corner of

Relentless diligence model

Penniless “Colonel” Harlan Sanders, 65, sleeping in his battered old car, driving around the United States for years trying to convince restaurant owners to serve up the pressure cooked fried chicken recipe he called Kentucky Fried Chicken … Sylvester Stallone endured years and years and years of rejection by all the Hollywood studios while buying

Everything you need to know about online payday loans

Payday loans are loans that are made for a very short period of time with the guarantee that they will be repaid as soon as the next salary or income comes from your source of income. Such loans have an extremely high interest rate and are called by different names such as payday advance, payroll

Seven of the most common mistakes with fire evacuation drills

First of all, there is not enough pre-planning for the fire drill. Best practice is to give at least three months’ advance notice of a fire evacuation drill to those responsible and to follow up with two discreet reminders to ensure business units or tenants are adequately prepared. For the fire drill to be as

How do hybrid vehicles get that great gas mileage?

The term that actually applies is HEV, which stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle. These are the most fuel efficient vehicles available to most of us. While the actual setup may vary due to the manufacturer’s design intentions, they generally combine a small gasoline engine (by regular vehicle standards) with an electric motor. While the gasoline

How to Make Your Product Stand Out with Local SEO

When you stay in a specific area to effortlessly view products / services on the internet, you want to prefer local SERPs displayed on Google and other web search tools. Basically, local SEO is an arrangement of different standards and instructions that digital marketers use to improve websites for particular topographic areas. For example, if

Training and weight loss programs

If you have decided that you want to shed those extra pounds, you will want to establish a weight loss program and a training program that is tailored to your body and lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a multitude of different strength and aerobic training plans that you can follow. You need both to maximize your

How to drive "I’m not ready to sit down yet"

How can the needs of one person be met if the other is not ready for give what it takes to allow a romantic relationship evolve into a meaningful union for life? If a person is ready to move on, ready to create a more intimate connection, and the other does not, then what? Many