June 14, 2024

Mobile technology has been able to keep people connected for many years, from pagers to the latest smartphones. Today, companies are being forced to move away from the desktop and cloud perspective to gain a foothold in a more personal customer space via mobile. Most of today’s marketers have imagined that the place of mobile will be at the top of their marketing initiatives. People who are working and also tech savvy have started spending most of their time on their smartphones.

The rise of mobile applications has increased the profitability of companies that have managed to create incredibly important and entertaining applications. According to a survey, the consumption of mobile applications has already crossed the consumption of Internet browsing. According to US statistics, more than 80 million unidentified usage sessions are logged every day across all mobile platforms.

In addition, according to data related to behavior patterns for the use of mobile devices, Android and iOS users are the highest. The data also included some interesting aspects:

Most people have been using apps, especially during the late afternoon and early evening. According to the study, ads are mostly clicked during the morning hours.

The most popular time for users to spend time on mobile are weekends, when 40% of time is spent using and downloading mobile apps.

iPhone and Android mobiles are mostly popular and have the highest market share in the US, UK and Japan.

Mobile app usage is projected to grow 91% compared to last year’s figures. Most native browsers have added new enhancements. The new iOS 5 has easily outperformed Windows Phone Mango and the previews have been solid throughout.

The developers have managed to change their attitude appropriately in the changing scenario for mobile development. Developers who excel in app development have progressed by leaps and bounds due to their competition and have achieved dominance on more than one mobile platform. Most of the offshore development companies that used to focus on software development have migrated to mobile app development due to the lucrative prospects. Also, most of the mobile apps focus on famous software solutions and mobile websites even promote major web and mail services that are popular all over the world.

Solution providers have always felt the need for tools and technologies that can help them deploy applications of a similar nature simultaneously on multiple platforms. There are too many mobile app platforms, but only some of them rule the root. Most of the smartphone buyers are unaware of the pros and cons of each mobile platform and therefore only the most popular ones win the market. iOS and Android are at the top of the ladder, while former leader Symbian and Blackberry, which is into corporate stuff, follow suit.

Most of the development companies and app developers have even turned to Appcelerator to create mobile apps that can be adapted to different platforms. Appcelerator Titanium has been useful for developers who need a common platform for the application development process and adheres to ideal standards for all platforms.

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