Making love scenes in Hollywood: do you want to know what they are like?

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You’ve seen them on Cinemax, HBO, you’ve seen them in theaters, and you’ve seen them on TV … I’m talking love scenes! They can be super hot and sexy or not well done at all. It depends not only on the director and the actors and actresses but also on the lighting, sound, editing, score, etc. to make it an exciting and exciting experience for the audience.

Doing a love scene seemed like an out-of-body experience to me (and not the kind that feels like pure love and joy). If I look back to see that first love scene, I literally remember it from someone standing to the side and watching it, not being the actress in the scene. It was a closed set (only the director and actors, and perhaps the script supervisor remain on set). They were all very professional. Fortunately, no one has ever acted inappropriately while filming a love scene. The whole event was also quite technical. Move your body here, your arm down there, now kiss. I had what is called a “patch” over my female parts underneath and my co-star wore a “sock” over her male parts. But he was practically naked. To say that I felt vulnerable would be an understatement.

As an actor, it is my job to bring a character to life and credibility in unrealistic situations. That includes love scenes. If it looks real, I’ve done my job. I’ll put it on the record and say that everything is acting. It is NOT real, even if it looks like it.

This is what I can recommend to actors and actresses who are faced with making a love scene:

1) Maintain a positive and easy-to-work attitude;
2) Listen to your instincts, if you feel uncomfortable, let the director know;
3) If you feel that someone is acting inappropriately, stop and have a conversation with the manager and whoever is acting inappropriately;
4) Make sure you are respected as an actress and that each person wears the appropriate cover-ups;
5) Make sure you have a dress available between takes;
6) Be hygienic by showering and brushing your teeth;
7) Be sensitive to the wishes of the other actors, everyone is in a vulnerable position;
8) Be careful and sensitive, do not eat onions and garlic for lunch that day;
9) Bring a toiletry bag with you of the items you may need:
For. Kleenex
B. Patch (to cover your private areas) if you cover the area with something, they can not wear the shot if it is shown on film, this is for your protection!
vs. Mints / Chewing Gum
D. Toothbrush and toothpaste
me. Towel and hand towel
F. Handy wipes
gram. Feminine products (women only)
h. Shoes
I. Mirror
j. First aid box

I started acting in 1996. I have starred in or co-starred in over 20 movies. I found this out about myself: I tend to read things that I don’t really like, like I don’t really have to. I auditioned for an independent movie and they called me back. I was so excited! I read the script; it was a movie about a prostitute suspected of murder. They offered me the role. Me yay. I saw that there were love scenes in the movie, but I tend to, you know, skim through them, so maybe-not-really-they-existed. I like to focus on the positive aspects of things. And I delude myself about the negative. I really wanted to work as an actress. I promised to do the nudity to make the movie. If I had known it was called “soft porn,” I probably never would have. I never wanted to be a “porn” star. Of course, I have never done “hard porn”.

I was working on a particular movie with an actress who was also a stripper and very beautiful. She was friends with several other beautiful women who were porn stars. She shared with me the thoughts and expressions of her porn star friends about what was thought of squishy pornstars or B actresses. They felt bad for B-actresses who loved scenes because they couldn’t “fully enjoy” her. experience of making love scenes. I understand your point, from your point of view. However, I wasn’t in this to “get off” so it was okay not to “get off”. There is no judgment; I just wasn’t in it for that. I was in it to advance my career and work as an actress. It’s not right or wrong for me; it is simply a different choice. For me, doing love scenes was a commitment I made to be able to work as an actress.

I did a couple of softer movies, as well as other types of indie movies that didn’t have love scenes. Playboy produced most of the hot movies through a company called Mystique Films. I also turned down a lot of movies. I was willing to commit to doing some nudity, but if I couldn’t use any part of the film to build my reel (a compilation of segments of an actor’s work that I used to give to casting people or to get an agent), I wouldn’t I would. . Some of these movies would only have the character copulating or talking about copulating for the entire movie. That cannot be used for a reel. He needed at least some substance; some images that I could really use to further my career.

Also, actors and actresses should consider the Internet now. Sex sells. Any love scenes you do in a movie will end up on someone’s site for sale as screenshots or movie clips of you naked. You could search for Sharon Stone, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, or Jessica Lange and find screenshots of them nude. At least I’m not in bad company!

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