How To Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions In MLM


Super Rich MLM Gurus Concepts:

There are only two actions and one skill set that create all the wealth that has been created in network marketing. To ‘Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions’, you have to do just that: Prospect and Close. To create the legendary income generated by the ‘fabulous few’, then at a minimum 95% of the time you spend doing this business must be over the phone or in person – prospecting and closing leads and distributors.

Instead of making millions of dollars on the only thing that matters (i.e. creating sales volume through prospecting and closing), leaders in this industry spend endless amounts of time and money on meetings, more meetings, calls. phone calls, motivational incentives. He talks, and he listens to that Dani Johnson CD over and over and …

… bla bla bla. Did I mention there is another meeting on Tuesday?

MLM’s ‘New-Ninjas’ Join Their Power Rings in Defense of Freedom: Let Prospecting Set Us Free.

So what should you do in your business, if not attend endless boring ‘advertising marathons’, answer phone calls all day, and respond to all the needs, wants and burdens that your downline so lovingly throws on your back?

Get on the phone and create some leads! Keep going until you’ve hired someone, TODAY. Ditch the course, throw out your script book, and prospect and close your way to millions, one new conversation at a time.

What should you say? SOMETHING. Seriously, pick up the phone. Remember that it is not what you say, it is what they say. If you listen twice as much as you speak, you are well on your way to being a “Master Ninja” in prospecting. Once you learn how to get someone to talk about themselves, people will join you at DROVES.

Who should you call? Maybe start with your warm market list, but don’t get bogged down. Don’t be silly and use a script with your friends, be YOU. However, be quick to check your list. Unless you have a database of 2000 people, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 days to get in touch with your entire warm market, after that you should have a strategy right away to get more leads. Pick up the phone and make some calls. Talk to people and be real.

How should you train your people? Just say “look and do what you see me do.” This is advantageous in 3 ways: First, your people train like no meeting could. Second, your people will understand that all there is to this business is prospecting and closing customers and distributors based on your actions. Third, you save the wasted time of going to the meeting and getting bored for 2-4 hours. Instead of a meeting, have fun!

Here are seven ideas that will turn you from dumb to fabulous:

1. To create millions in this industry from prospecting and closing, you must speak to AT LEAST 30 people a day. This does not mean that you have 30 long conversations a day, it means that you offer the opportunity to review your business to a minimum of 30 people a day, 5 days a week.

2. Don’t take care of your downline. They can do it on their own (trust me). Seriously, if you want to be a pampering sponsor, you’re not going to make a lot of money, and that’s the truth. If you want time freedom, be a sponsor who won’t spend hours and hours indulging your every wish. Be someone who when asked ‘what do I do?

3. Keep it part time, no more than 5 hours a day (6-7 if you are absolutely crazy and already making money), and take the weekends off. Also take a vacation from time to time. If you are starting out and working full time, you shouldn’t be working your business more than 3 hours a day, or you will burn out. Replace your income from work, then double it, and only then should you quit your job and go full time.

4. Learn to use technology to use your time effectively. You can use telephone technology for prospecting that allows you to speak to approximately 15-20 people per hour. If you’ve used the phone before, you know how awesome it is. Not only is it available to a business, it is the proper use and understanding of systems and technology. It can do through a proper system in 3 hours what a less up-to-date person could not do in 10.

5. Don’t spend tons of money on leads. If you are buying leads, never spend more than $ 1 per lead. Most of the time, leads that cost $ 8 are exactly the same and come from the same source as a lead that costs $ 0.50 or less. Here’s a better idea though: stop wasting your money, because most leads are a waste of time. Do you want interested people? Grab the newspaper and start calling people who place classifieds and sell things. Call some real estate agents. I recently generated 50 interested leads in less than 30 minutes with smart use of technology. Learn a few strategies, do them consistently, and you’ll save thousands while making millions.

6. REALLY listen to people. Be interested and ask questions. You will go further by opening your ears than you ever will by wandering your mouth. Take note. You’ll be amazed at the things people will tell you when you worry about them, but you REALLY have to listen.

7. Here are the numbers for your numbers fanatics: Out of 30 people, 20 will say they are open to investigating what you are doing. Of those, you will have 10 quality conversations and connect at a basic level with about 3 people. If you have skills, it is actually possible to recruit 2 out of 3 of those people, but you should be able to recruit at least 1.

With a strong work ethic over time, you will be able to hire 300-500 people per year in 20-30 hours per workweek, no matter what company you work for.

What will happen to you if you follow this plan? The possibility of being free from excessive meetings and training, and having your entire team of thousands of distributors focused only on the main thing: Recruitment.

With the right training, it is possible to earn millions of dollars in income with a focused part-time effort.

Enough talking, I’m going to the phone! Will I see you on the beaches of Hawaii?

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