How To Make A Girl Orgasm: 6 Tips Most Men Don’t Know About Giving A Girl Orgasm

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All boys want to see their girls happy with sex. There is nothing better than hearing these words from the girl, “It was great” or “You were good”. In this article, you will learn some tips on how to make a girl orgasm and have the most pleasant time of her life.

Everyone knows that women are more sensitive than men. The movements and caresses that bring a man to orgasm are very different from those required by a woman. Females need more sophisticated techniques.

Of course, there are several ways to bring a girl to orgasm. The most important thing to understand is that to achieve an orgasm in women, much more effort is needed directed at the whole body and feelings in general. Unfortunately, most women who have sex with their partner do not reach orgasm. Let’s look at some simple and effective ways to help any girl reach orgasm. If you want to become a “legend” in bed, be sure to listen to this advice:

1. Make sure to relax, Because the most basic rule in sex is that sex is not stiffness and tension! Don’t try to hide your feelings and concerns because you may feel the tension on the subconscious level. If you set a goal to bring the girl to orgasm, you may be worrying and performance anxiety takes over.

2. Always start foreplay before sex. This approach ensures that your girl is emotionally, mentally, and physically ready for sex. Try not to rush foreplay. Try to “reverse” a few seconds and then move on to penetrative sex. Caress her body with love and affection until you feel that she is ready. Her vagina must be moist before you decide to enter it.

3. Oral sex is a great way to bring a girl to orgasm. Most women trust that cunnilingus is the only way to reach orgasm. The most important thing is that you do not rush when you get down on your body. Enjoy the process. Lick her external genitalia gently and gradually pick up the pace. Then begin to migrate towards the inner lips. Make small circular movements of the tongue. Gently nibble on her clit and lips, as this is one of the most reliable ways to bring a girl to orgasm.

4. Stimulation can also be done with the fingers. Bring your middle and index fingers together and place them around her clitoris in circles. With the other hand, caress her body. Also, do not forget to listen to their moans that tell you if you are doing it right or wrong. Once you understand that you are doing everything right, don’t waste your time and keep stroking.

5. If your girl has not yet reached an orgasm, then it is time to stimulate the “G-spot”. After stimulating her clitoris with your fingers, begin to penetrate her vagina slowly and gently, palm up. Once inside your vagina, slide your fingers in the 11 ‘o’clock direction. Look carefully and slowly for a small lump or lump with your fingers. If you find this legendary and mysterious area, congratulations, it’s the G-spot.

Stimulate the G-spot sharply, gently but quickly. You can also click on it a bit, release it, and repeat the process. Most women get very excited if a man starts touching irregular little circles around the G-spot.

6. If you can caress the clitoris and stimulate the G-spot simultaneously, then your girl will surely reach an orgasm. It is better if you can, simultaneously, with the penetration of the penis in the vagina, caress and fondle the clitoris. This method can bring any girl to orgasm.

Many women are capable of multiple orgasms, although most of them never know it because they have not received such a wonderful opportunity. Bringing a woman to orgasm more than once is not that difficult. After the first orgasm, a woman only needs a short break of a couple of minutes. Give your loved one some relaxation, but don’t let her “cool down”. Usually a woman, who can have multiple orgasms, can experience them three or four times over and over again with only short breaks in between.

With this you are armed with a good knowledge on how to make a girl reach orgasm. The next time you get the chance to get intimate with your girl, be sure to try these and let her experience the incomparable ecstasy of an orgasm.

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