How to Find a Great Treadmill for Under $ 1000


Buying a treadmill for less than $ 1000? Wondering how to find the best option for you?

Most people who buy a treadmill are on a budget and the $ 1000 price tag is very popular. Treadmills around this price are generally called entry-level models. You can find a range of these treadmills from various brands, each a little different than the last.

So how do you find a good one? Here are 5 things to keep in mind to be able to sniff a lot:

# 1 Buy a newer model

Look for this year’s or next’s model, the latest model you can get, when you buy. Why?

Because in the rush to be competitive, manufacturers often update their treadmills each year with the latest toys, toughest components, and the best consoles.

# 2 Look for a strong engine

The motor is the heart of your treadmill. You want a motor strong enough to power your belt and bend over with ease. It shouldn’t be a struggle if you run on the treadmill or go up and down with the incline.

Most decent motors range from 2.0 HP to 3.0 HP. You want to find the highest motor power you can get, especially if you plan to use your machine.

Also look at the length of the engine warranty to get an idea of ​​the quality of the engine. A lifetime engine warranty is ideal, obviously, but a 25-year engine warranty is fine too.

# 3 Make sure the belt size is correct

Look for a belt length 55 to 60 inches long just to make sure you have enough room to move.

If you’re planning on running, or will have taller users on the treadmill, you’ll probably want to wear a 60-inch belt, just to give you a little extra room.

# 4 Choose the right brand

There are many brands of treadmills on the market today, some have a great reputation and others … not so much.

Look for a treadmill brand that is well known, as lesser known brands can often mean smaller companies.

What about a smaller company? Well, smaller businesses will close earlier than larger ones, especially if we’re going through tough economic times. And that means there is no one around to repair your warranty.

Plus, a large company generally has the means and engineering power to build a better treadmill for less, so you’ll get more for your money at the price of $ 1000.

Some popular brands that I like for this price range include Proform, Nordictrack, and Sole.

# 5 Choose a well-lit console

The console should be backlit, so you can view your workout statistics much more easily.

The design of the console is more of a personal preference. However, many people like to see as much information as they can when they walk.

Some consoles also have several really fun options like iPod docks, speakers, fans, or built-in workouts to add an extra challenge to your exercise time.

So those are 5 things to look for when buying a great treadmill for under $ 1000. Take your time, read reviews, and choose one that suits your needs.

And then have fun! Enjoy being able to walk or run whenever you want, even when it’s raining outside!

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