How to choose a heart-melting teddy bear for your wonderful girlfriend


Do you have a loved one you want to surprise or a person you admire who you want to impress? Have you thought about teddy bears? Teddy bears are one of the most personalized gifts that can melt her heart, especially if your girl loves stuffed toys. Naturally, she will place her teddy bear in her most intimate space, her bedroom, and it will remind her of you every time she looks at the teddy. Plus, every time she snuggles into him, the only other person she’d be thinking of is none other than you. What a heart-melting gift for that special one!

I understand that sometimes we guys can have little idea how to choose that right teddy bear, so here are a few tips I’ve distilled from dozens of interviews with those who have been touched by this little gift from their special one:

1. First of all, does your girl like teddy bears?

  • A cute stuffed animal is a wonderful gift. However, if she finds it childish to begin with, it might be best if you come up with another idea.
  • Check it out with your friends or casually take her to a stuffed animal store and see her reaction. Chances are you won’t like a teddy bear if you don’t look at or touch it in the store.
  • If she has a neutral preference for teddy bears, then you will have to work harder to make it a more special and personalized gift for her. Ultimately, you want her to smile every time she sees and hugs your bear.

2. Color of the plush

  • It would be a big plus if you choose the right teddy bear color for her.
  • Casually find out from her or her friends her favorite color
  • Chances are you don’t want to buy him a white bear if his favorites are dark colors.

3. Teddy size

  • Women are sensitive! Keep this in mind when choosing the size of the stuffed animal.
  • If she’s been really worried about her weight lately, you should avoid buying her an overweight teddy bear to remind her of it.
  • If it is on the short side, a smaller stuffed animal would be much more suitable.
  • The bottom line is, be tactful!

4. Find a stuffed animal that reflects your relationship with her or her interest

  • Teddy bears can be truly personal gifts, so present them in the most special way.
  • If your girlfriend likes skating, a skating theme would definitely melt her heart much more than a sailor bear
  • If your girlfriend likes indoor activities, a sports teddy would be a bad idea, instead, find her interest and give her what she already craves, it will take you much further.

5. Finally, present the cuddly toy in style!

  • When it comes to impressing your girl, every little thought counts, it will be much appreciated.
  • If you prefer a simple presentation, wrap your teddy bear and ask the store for ideas if you decide not to do it yourself, more often than not, the shopkeeper/vendor will offer good wrapping advice from their experience.
  • If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can complement your teddy bear and present it more interestingly.
  • One of the most famous introductions would be to have your teddy bear carry the flowers before they reach your little girl. I even came across a very sweet idea where the guy bought a separate pendant and wore it on the teddy with a hidden message placed inside, they have been together ever since.
  • Ultimately expand your creativity based on what you know about it and do it your way.

Good advice for all the guys out there. Girls are much more sensitive than we think they are. By putting that extra thought into your gift, you will definitely make that little gift that much more precious in her heart. Good luck choosing the right teddy bear! We are more than happy to help where we can and listen to any of your feedback on exciting new ideas.

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