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Business-to-Business is a specific type of commerce that is rapidly gaining popularity online. B2B are transactions or electronic business between two companies, where both benefit from the exchange of products or services. Unlike other marketing plans, B2B links companies with other companies, instead of focusing on individual customers.

B2B encompasses a variety of business opportunities, ranging from internet marketing e-commerce to sales auctions. The only common factor in all B2B transactions is the presence of two separate companies, unlike B2C, which describes transactions between a company and a customer. B2B is also different from B2G, which describes transactions between a business and the government.

B2B relationships are created and maintained through effective marketing strategies. B2B marketing involves typical tactics to gain exposure such as mailing lists, advertising, product demos, and other basic PR skills. Today’s B2B marketing also includes online skills such as basic web design and knowledge of search engine optimization and effective keyword placement.

Today, internet marketing e-commerce has driven the need for B2B services. In fact, the number of B2B transactions quickly exceeded the average B2C transaction volume. As eCommerce internet marketing continues to grow in popularity, more businesses are taking advantage of the great opportunities found through the E-Marketplace.

E-Marketplace is the perfect place for companies to connect and organize the exchange of services or goods. This online platform allows B2B deals to take place in one central place with structured auctions and transaction policies. E-Marketplace can help a business in several ways.

E-Marketplace offers the following benefits:

1. Connect supply with demand by helping buyers find supplies and helping suppliers find buyers.

2. Simplifies the B2B transaction process, saving companies time and money.

3. Facilitates trade between companies around the world.

4. Provides an organized platform for making payments and keeping track of orders.

5. Allows environmentally minded companies to conduct “green” business, with less paperwork.

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