Celebrity Bag Trends for the 2009 Season

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How can a girl keep up with the latest bag trends for the 2009 season? It depends, of course, on whether we are talking about the summer or winter season. It also largely depends on what the stars and celebrities are wearing. Why? Because divas and celebrities know what to wear and, depending on the season, the occasion and the outfit, when to wear it.

Nicole Richie prefers Hermes, and in particular the Hermes Birkin bag. While not the signature orange Hermes is known for, this bag is a bit darker in orange, but still sports the typical gold Hermes hardware and the same leather features. However, don’t plan on rushing out and grabbing these bags in various colors just yet. One of these only costs around $17,000.00.

Another bag making headlines this season is the Muse by Yves Saint Laurent, and many stars are still carrying it on their arms from last season. Younger stars seem to prefer this bag, such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, and Kate Moss. This bag is so classic that it’s not likely to leave the fashion scenes anytime soon.

Although many celebrities design their own bags these days, these same celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead carrying one of their own designer bags on their arm! Jessica Simpson, for example, has an extensive line of bags, but this season she’s seen wearing her black and gray Goyard bag, which probably costs ten times what she charges for her own designs. Not only that, but she’s seen her Goyard monogrammed with her initials, so you know she feels very attached to him!

Ever popular in Europe and new to the US in the last two years is the Gerard Darel line. Hayden Panettiere and Katherine Heigl are proud owners, as is Angelina Jolie. The Gerard Darel Sweater Knit Satchel, which is a casual bag and is available at Neiman Marcus, is a favorite and has been for a season or two. It is surprisingly affordable, costing around $400.00.

The Andrea Brueckner Tierney City bag is still popular and the beautiful Jessica Alba still wears it, not at a black tie, but just walking down the street. As its name implies, although informal, this bag is much more elegant and urban than the sweater bag mentioned above. It’s a fairly large bag and more like a handbag, costing around $700.

As for other trendy large bags this season, Louis Vuitton travel bags are all the rage lately. Kim Kardashian seems to like the Louis Vuitton Graffiti Keepall 50, which is from the Stephen Sprouse collection. It comes in a bright fuchsia to match her quirky personality and also comes in orange and neon green. Kanye West travels a little heavier in his Louis Vuitton Keepall 55, which is camouflaged and also pretty hard to miss at the airport. These travel bags cost around $2500.00 each, depending on the style and collection.

Angelina Jolie with all her brood is still interested in Mommy & Me bags, although she has been seen with more elegant and sophisticated styles to match her updated look this year. Jennifer Garner has also been seen sporting the collection’s braided leather bag in patent red, which costs around $1700. The little ones have matching bags to take with them, but they are not that expensive.

The whole cowboy look has finally gone out of style, which should make most of us very happy. With it we can say goodbye to saddlebags, although fringed bags are still in fashion and have been seen on emerging stars like Vanessa Hudgens. Specifically, the JJ Winters fringe bag is a fashion item and she prefers it for several different outfits. More recently, he has been seen wearing the gray suede version. This bag is quite reasonable in the range of $300.00 to $400.00.

Top handle bags are still in style this season as classic ladies’ bags will never go out of style. In fact, most likely due to the recent elections, the lady is very much in fashion this year! Michelle Obama is a perfect model of elegance and grace, many celebrities are following her example and sporting small, feminine but majestic handbags. Think of Chanel, think of Christian Dior, just think of elegance and grace! We can thank the popularity of the First Lady for bringing this to the forefront of fashion.

The bags that have been seen so far really haven’t been too definitive as to being a summer bag or a winter bag. They all transfer fairly easily between seasons. Of course, no one can predict what the stars will bring, or what they will carry in their arms as the year progresses.

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