Mobile homes: boxes that spit out cash

Whether you call them trailers, mobile homes, or more accurately, manufactured homes, they are worth incorporating into your real estate investment plan. Manufactured homes are the most affordable type of housing available and there is a huge demand for affordable housing in the United States today. Consider that in December 2004, the median price for

The benefits of buying a dump trailer

Anyone who owns a private or commercial vehicle faces ever-increasing operating costs. Fuel is the main contributing factor, as well as increases in rights to highway funds. Many contractors say that to stay competitive they are streamlining their operations. One way they have found to do this is to invest in more flexible vehicles and

How to Avoid Mold and Water Damage in Your Basement

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you may not be used to seeing many homes with basements; however, believe it or not, there are several homes throughout the area that actually have basements. Most homes in Florida are built without a basement due to hurricane-related issues. Building codes insist that home floors be

Four creative ideas for taking advantage of urban real estate

Urban real estate can be difficult to develop without a lot of financial capital. Anyone with an empty lot, however, can use any of these techniques to improve the neighborhood and make use of the property. Urban gardening Urban gardening is becoming more and more popular and the amount of vegetables that can be produced

What to know before flipping a house

Many people believe that they can change properties effortlessly, however they are likely not satisfied with the preliminary results. A profitable spin is one where you generate income and there are many steps you need to take to help you be successful. For home buffs, there has been a lot of news recently, as houses

How to make money with real estate investment?

The days of earning tens of thousands of dollars in a short space of time with real estate investments are long gone. However, that does not mean that you cannot earn cash. You just have to remember to put your sights a little lower when it comes to profitability. You also need to plan what

Have you ever thought about owning a property?

What does it really mean to invest in yourself? I mean yeah, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. But what is your plan once you reach the point that you are dreaming of? Of course, everyone should constantly save for retirement, but isn’t there another goal besides that? Starting a low-cost business may seem very complicated,