The value of quality academic writing

Why pay a ghostwriter four hundred dollars or more to properly research and write a vital final paper? Some people claim that it is considerably better than failing a course for lack of writing skills. But what benefit does the student really get from the literary efforts made by the ghostwriter? Well, not much of

DUI Attorney Job Description

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence and this can stand for drugs or alcohol. If you are arrested for this offense and you cannot pass an exam test, which is called a field sobriety test, and you fail a breathalyzer, you will most likely be arrested. The breathalyzer test shows how much alcohol is

Does the Law of Attraction work?

” Be careful what you wish for ”, the famous saying that we all blurt out in our day-to-day conversations. This saying is so powerful that I associate it with the “law of attraction”, attracting alike alike. What we get is what we receive, do you believe in that law, that we are part of

Viability and role of HR in business strategy

Human Resources management in recent years has struggled to be seen as a vital determinant of the business. Additionally, executive leadership in conjunction with the board’s decision on what HR actually brings to the table regarding strategic business planning and organization has begun to reconsider the concept of HR as a driver of high-level roles,

What is the difference between LLC and LLP?

The first steps to starting any type of business involve figuring out the product and the target market to launch the product to. Along with that, an important decision that needs to be made is regarding the type of company that you will be joining. This is where many people feel overwhelmed and confused. And

The SAT – Fun Facts!

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But really, the SAT can be fun! Well, no, that’s a lie. But let’s pretend it’s true while reading these cool SAT facts! Fun fact n. 1: The SAT represents … … nothing! The SAT is a pseudo-acronym. Like its siblings “KFC” and “A&M” at Texas A&M University, “SAT”

Book Review: Barack Obama’s Boldness of Hope

In his first book, Dreams from My Father, published in 1995, Barack Obama described his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia and his early adult years serving Chicago’s poor, primarily black communities. The book ended with a visit to his father’s homeland, Kenya. At this stage, Barack Obama was still solving the problem of his black

How to Protect Yourself Financially in a Divorce

Breaking up is hard to do, no matter how you look at it. However, dealing with the financial consequences of a divorce can be more difficult than healing your broken heart. You must be prepared to protect yourself and your assets from wrongfully going to your future ex-spouse. Here is how. Prenuptial agreement You dreamed