Paul McCartney and Wings: Wings at the Speed ​​of Sound (1976)

It’s never easy being in a band with Paul McCartney. This is the man who wrote the first long stadium song (She Loves You), the UK’s best-selling No. 1 (Mull of Kintyre), the best James Bond rocker (‘Live and Let Die’), the biggest song in 70s love (‘Maybe I’m Amazed’), Michael Jackson’s magnificent pop duo

Juice recipes for better sex!

Certain foods contain nutrients that enhance male and female libido. This is particularly important in our era of male and female Viagra and other drugs for sexual dysfunction. These recipes are quick and short-term fixes, but they don’t get to the root of the problem and they come at a cost – not only are

Top 10 Unique Celebrity Wedding Ideas

Celebrities are known for their outrageous fashion sense and less-than-normal baby names, but the strange weddings they sometimes have are overshadowed. Most magazines focus on the dress or the price of the wedding itself. Here are the top 10 unique wedding ideas proven by the rich and famous. 1. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock No

Real Life Pokémon: The Mythological History of Animals

Animals and storytelling have been a part of human culture since Homo Sapiens was born. Living in a world full of majestic creatures that we hunt for food, skinning, clothing, and keeping as pets has influenced our lives in powerful ways: religion, politics, and even war. From the sacred Egyptian cats to the sacred cows

Natural Hair Guru Says: Hair Transition From Chemicals To Natural

The transition from chemically treated to natural hair is one of the biggest epiphanies one can make on their journey of change. Not only does a beautiful head of strands await you that are thicker, more radiant, and a beautiful crown that reflects God’s gift to you, but the most magnificent personal journey of your

Aries Men Explained

Men born in the cardinal fire sign of Aries are usually of average height or taller. Many of them have a slightly triangular face, vaguely reminiscent of a ram, along with somewhat angular features. They have very high energy levels and most are fit even in their later years. They also tend to have great

The way of life of numerology (5); the seller’s way

Have you ever met someone who is a natural salesperson; Can you convince him of anything and you can’t bear to settle in a job or place for a long time? Most likely they are part of the 11% of the population that lives in Life Path (5), the Path of the Seller. These individuals

Book Review – Think Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump

When I first picked up Donald Trump’s book “Trump: Think Like a Billionaire,” I thought the book would be an intuitive and easy read. The book was very easy to read, but not overly revealing. Trump has divided this book into roughly 100 chapters of roughly two to three pages each that describe a different

Hindi Phrases to Learn Before Going to India

Basic Hindi phrases are a must in your repertoire if you are visiting India, be it for a few months or on vacation. Going to a country where your mother tongue is not your primary language can be intimidating and a bit scary. Don’t worry, these are some of the most common Hindi phrases with